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Title: Works No Longer In Progress, 2013
Rating: G through PG-13
Warnings: There's one instance of dubcon due to sex pollen, and some descriptions of injuries.
Notes: Every year I do a post of all the bits of fic I couldn't find a place for. Some stand alone pretty well; most are just starts I don't have the interest or energy to finish.

Also available at AO3.

Sherlock Holmes )

Doctor Who )

Nero Wolfe )

Suits )

Avengers Shortfic )

Iron Man Identity Porn )

Ultimates Kidfic )

Steve's Unexpected Threesome )

Part Two

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This is a compendium of the "Hydrocodone Midnight Theatre" posts I did while I was recovering from surgery in late November. Essentially I would sit up after my folks went to bed and write fanfic to various prompts while tripping out on my (prescribed!) painkillers.

tehnakki: I love how suggestible you are when stoned! I should have spent today preparing weird fic ideas to take advantage of you in this state.
copperbadge: I’m spending like the next four days on high doses of opiates, so you’ve got time...

You can find all the original posts plus various side discussions under this tag on tumblr.

Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Pepper Potts has a secret past.
Prompt: rielrolling: Pepper is BFFs with one of Neal Caffrey’s aliases because ~art luv~ and they meet and hijinks with Extremis and theft.

Also available at AO3. The original draft of this story may be found here.

It was about ten minutes to 'We should have left ten minutes ago'... )

Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Bucky has a firm policy: never say no to free food, especially on Thanksgiving.
Notes: Coauthored by Historymiss on Tumblr
Prompt: HistoryMiss: "Thanksgiving headcanon: Bucky totally attends every Thanksgiving dinner he’s invited to, from the group Avengers meal to the one at Becca’s home to the Capfamily one with Rikki and Steve and Sharon and Sam, and ends the day full of like 8 different turkeys and well on the way to drunk but it’s totally worth it."

Also available at AO3.

1. Maria Stark Foundation Charity Brunch )

Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: In which Tony Stark is training John Sheppard for another mouthy scientist, far in his future.
Prompt: anarialm: Look, all I want is the story about how John Sheppard and Tony Stark attended boarding school together. Is that so much to ask?

Also available at AO3. The original draft of the story may be found here.

IEL was not the most prestigious school in the country... )

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dubious consent due to sex pollen; minor mentions of daddy kink
Summary: Sex gas, Latveria, and a SHIELD orgy.
Prompt: daroos: I was not anticipating how much I would just want an Agents of SHIELD orgy. Throw in whichever Avengers you think might be fun, but fer serious, can all of them just have a mad 70’s sex party on the bus? Sam? Can you make this happen?

Also available at AO3. The original draft of the story may be found here.

Coulson, to his credit, didn’t panic. )

Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Watson chivvies Sherlock Holmes out of his rooms, again.
Prompt: Based on this photograph and RDJ's caption of it. romantic-chamber-of-the-heart: Now I can’t stop picturing this version of Holmes & Watson. Like the Mary Russell books but with John and Mary’s daughter who just gets called “Watson Jr.” all the time.

Also available at AO3. The original draft of this story may be found here.

Read more... )
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Title: Works No Longer In Progress, 2012
Rating: G through R
Fandoms: Avengers, Sherlock, Suits, White Collar, Merlin
Warnings: See descriptions for warnings. There's only one or two that even need them.
Notes: Every year (well, okay, once last year, and now again) I do a post of all the bits of fic I couldn't find a place for. Some stand alone pretty well; most are just starts I don't have the interest or energy to finish.

Also available at AO3.

Avengers )

Powers )

Suits )

Sherlock )

White Collar/Merlin )
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These are quotes taken from the beta-reading of Rematch, which like its prequel Paper Chase was beta'd in Google Docs by six people at once. The commas! They suffer!

I can't edit my own damn story because every time I try to save it, one of you is already saving it and it cuts me off. )
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Title: Rematch
Rating: PG-13 (violence and language)
Warnings: Relatively graphic violence

Chapter One

You didn't think you could play a game without me? )
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Title: Rematch
Rating: PG-13 (violence and language)
Warnings: Relatively graphic violence
Summary: Neal and Sherlock's rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference -- until Neal's tracker went dark.
BETA CREDIT, JESUS: [ profile] 51stcenturyfox, [personal profile] girlpearl, [ profile] juniper200, [ profile] neifile7, [ profile] spiderine, [ profile] tzikeh. Oh god, the commas. If you'd like to see what it's like to be beta'd by this horde, check out The Beta Quotes File for Rematch.
Notes: Sequel to Paper Chase.

Now in Russian!

Also available at AO3.

Two consultants were credited with catching the serial killer known as the Red Painter. )
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Title: Paper Chase
Rating: PG-13 (language, some violence)
Fandoms: White Collar/Sherlock
Summary: One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet...
Warnings: Some gore.
Betas: [ profile] hija_paloma, [ profile] juniper200, [ profile] tzikeh, and [ profile] spiderine. You should see the fights we had about Oxford Commas.

[personal profile] pandarus and [personal profile] lunate8 have done a co-podfic of this story, which can be found here. Enjoy!

Originally Posted 9.03.10

Now available at AO3.

This is a cultural centre of America, surely they have tea somewhere. )
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These are quotes taken from the beta-reading of Paper Chase, which was beta'd very energetically in a sort of mass orgy in Google Docs. I hope you find them as amusing and instructive as I did.

You knew I was depraved and godless when we met! )
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Title: It's Not The Violin
Fandom: Sherlock
Rating: R for violence; no sexual content.
Summary: Somewhere between Alejandro and the fistfight, John Watson became someone Sherlock Holmes would kill for.
Warnings: Some graphic violence. And some graphic violins.
BETA CREDIT, JESUS: [ profile] tzikeh
Notes: Though they don't necessarily share a theme, per se, this was inspired by Could Be Dangerous, a really excellent Sherlock vid by Lee_Fragilidad.

Now a podfic and audiobook, recorded by the lovely [personal profile] pandarus!

Originally Posted 8.23.10

Also available on AO3.

Does it surprise you? )

Lab Book

Jul. 19th, 2005 05:10 am
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Title: Lab Book
Fandom: Sherlock
Rating: R (Sherlock/John)
Summary: "The likelihood of finding a cab on Christmas Eve is fast approaching nil." "So was the likelihood of you kissing me in the middle of the pavement, and yet."
BETA CREDIT JESUS: [personal profile] tzikeh and [personal profile] hija_paloma

Here on AO3.

Now a podfic! You can find [personal profile] pandarus's awesome reading of it in mp3 here or audiobook here.

Also, Xistentialangst on Tumblr has made a lovely cover for the fic.

Originally Posted 8.18.10

That's a big bed. )
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Title: Finder's Fee
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: Repatriating a priceless cultural artefact shouldn't involve housebreaking, handcuffs, or John Watson. But it does, and it's still the right thing to do.
Notes: After I posted my Six Things About Sherlock last week, Stranded_Pearl on LJ got an idea for a fic and pointed me to the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme where the idea was posted. I am vastly unacquainted with kink memes, other than to be aware of their existence, but I liked the idea a lot, so away we went. This is the more polished version of the fic. There is no real kink in this other than a hinted moment with a pair of handcuffs, though.

Originally Posted 8.7.10

Available AO3.

Why did people always shout? Perhaps they thought being louder would help them be less stupid? )
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Title: The Royal Society
Rating: PG (language)
Fandom: *deep breath* Torchwood/Discworld/Nero Wolfe/Lord Peter/Harry Potter/SGA/Jeeves&Wooster/Sherlock Holmes. EAT THAT.
Summary: It's just a quiet game of poker among colleagues.
Warnings: None.

Now a podfic, and translated into Russian!

Also available at AO3.

There is a gap in the multiverse. )
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Here are the collected Drabbles from yesterday's meme. :) There's one original fic and one "Ellis" fic, three Potter fics, two Discworld fics, two Lord Peter fics, three Housefics, and three crossovers.

Enjoy. :) Nothing R-rated.

Warnings: None.

Drabbles! )
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First Posted 5.6.2007

Also available at AO3.

These drabbles are from a meme that was posted originally on February 19th, 2006.

In the meme, I asked people to visit The Invisible Library (link now defunct) and suggest a "nonexistent book" from the records there, which I would then write an excerpt from. They're filed here in an organised fashion and will eventually be available in PDF format.

With some exceptions, these drabbles are sorted by the genre of the book they can be found in -- thus, for example, one Sherlock Holmes drabble is in with the Sandman comics while another is in with the Mystery books. The LJ Username in front of each drabble signifies the person who requested it.

Some drabbles have been tweaked slightly since their original posting. This is Part I, containing Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Mystery, Horror, Literary, and Ellis Graveworthy. Part II contains Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Satire.

Warnings: Some gore in the Horror section.

The Harry Potter Series ) The Discworld Series ) Sandman and Good Omens ) Mystery and Horror Novels ) Literary Novels ) Ellis Graveworthy's Works )
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First Posted 12.28.2006

All right, here are the final, finished products from the Charity Flopsyfest I ran on [ profile] copperbadge from December 16 - 21, 2006. The short fics are interspersed with "drawbles", brief sketches offered by [ profile] waccawheels and [ profile] celestialsoda on a limited-request basis. Please don't use the artwork without permission!

These fics range in rating from G to R.

Warnings: Light bondage.

Enjoy! And thank you to everyone who participated and made someone's midwinter a little brighter. :)

Harry Potter ) Stealing Harry/Laocoon's Children )
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These flopsies were written as part of a charity fundraiser for the Las Cruces Reptile Rescue. The fandoms include Harry Potter, Ouran Host Club, Discworld/Good Omens, CSI, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Wimsey, Classical History, Black Books, and House. Specifically they contain spoilers for the end of Going Postal; they also contain some writings by Ellis Graveworthy, for the CC fans amongst you. :D

Warnings: Drug use.

Harry Potter: Ellis Graveworthy and the LCVerse, also Black Books and Good Omens xovers. )

House MD )

Discworld )
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Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: PG, I suppose. Very nearly G, really.
Summary: The war has followed Watson home, and Holmes re-examines his principles in light of his friend's suffering. Holmes/Watson.
Warnings: Discussion of war-induced PTSD.
Notes: This is written in descending-word order; 500-400-300-200-100 words. It was supposed to be porny; hard luck to you.

First Posted 3.22.06.

Also available at AO3.

The Rational Mind )


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Fanfiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by folk.
-- Henry Jenkins

Life is very short. We die on the march. But there is nothing outside the march so nothing can be lost to it. The missing plays of Sophocles will turn up piece by piece, or be written again in another language.
-- Tom Stoppard

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.
-- G. Bernard Shaw

A good story should provoke discussion, debate, argument...and the occasional bar fight.
-- J. Michael Strazynski

Here's how to become a great artist. First, get miserable. Misery drives you to become a great artist, but the art does nothing for your misery, which drives you to drugs, which makes you a lousy artist.
-- House M.D.

Humans? They're long gone. Vanished. Extinct. They only exist in stories.
-- Ferngully

Anton Chekov, who was a doctor, said, "Medicine is my wife; writing is my mistress."

Se non e vero, e ben trovato. (Even if it’s not true, it’s a good story.)
-- Italian Proverb

The recipe for becoming a good novelist is easy to give, but to carry it out presupposes qualities one is accustomed to overlook. One has only to make a hundred or so sketches for novels, none longer than two pages but of such distinctness that every word in them is necessary. One should write down anecdotes every day until one has learnt how to give them the most pregnant and effective form; one should be tireless in collecting and describing human types and characters; one should above all relate things to others and listen to others relate, keeping one's eyes and ears open for the effect produced on those present, one should travel like a landscape painter or costume designer. One should, finally, reflect on the motives of human actions, disdain no signpost for instruction about them and be a collector of these things by day and night. One should continue in this many-sided exercise for some ten years; what is then created in the workshop will be fit to go out into the world.
-- Nietzsche

The thief. Once committed beyond a certain point he should not worry himself too much. Thieving is God's message to him. Let him try and be a good thief.
-- Samuel Butler

What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure.
-- Samuel Johnson

Same story, different versions, and all are true.
-- POTC: Dead Man's Chest

I am a humble artist
moulding my earthly clod,
adding my labour to nature's,
simply assisting God.
-- Piet Hein

Every archaeologist knows in his heart why he digs. He digs, in pity and humility, that the dead may live again, that what is past may not be forever lost, that something may be salvaged from the wrack of the ages.
-- From "The Testimony of the Spade"

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
-- Francis Bacon

It is better, of course, to know useless things than to know nothing.
-- Seneca epistles 88 45

When asked how she acquired her knowledge of science, Octavia Butler replied, "I read."

Imagination is more important than information.
-- Albert Einstein

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