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Style (Dexter/NCIS)

Title: Style
Rating: PG-13 for gore and violence
Summary: Dexter makes a friend.
Fandoms: Dexter, NCIS
Warnings: Mention of rape; graphic depictions of implicitly-condoned serial murder.

Originally Posted 2.10.09

Also available at AO3.

[ profile] reena_jenkins has done a podfic of this fic!


I knew the first time we met that he was a kindred spirit. It's something about the eyes, and the way we move.

Local NCIS stole a case from us when we found out he was a Marine, and they kept hitting a dead end so they asked for some hotshot from DC. They got the hotshot they wanted, too: Tony DiNozzo, all swagger and classic films and handsome sharp smiles. I kept my hand in the case because I'm better at spatter than their guys and they knew it, which is why I got to meet Agent DiNozzo, and give him the grin -- the one that says, I know what you are.

We both figured out who it was pretty early on. There was a guy, and a little girl who got raped, and her dead Marine daddy. We were still looking for proof the guy raped the girl and killed her dad when we both realised it was a race.

Not to catch him and convict him. Oh no. Just a race to find him. A private race. Between Dexter and DiNozzo.

He got there first.

Well, I wasn't far behind, actually.

I walked in when he was elbows-deep in the guts of a living man. I liked DiNozzo; he's got flair, so I let him live even though he was poaching on my territory. He got scared, of course, until I picked up a knife and said, which is pretty snappy if I say so myself, "Mind if I cut in?"

After we finished having our fun, we had a few beers (he brought a cooler). "Rule Fifteen: never drink on the job; wait until after. That's what my boss says," he said to me.

"I like his style," I said. "He teach you how to cut like that?"

DiNozzo shook his head. "Nah. I watch a lot of autopsies. And I have this friend, Abbs. She likes crime scene photos, the gorier the better, she's always got something new to show me. She's seen some of my work. Doesn't know it though."

"You keep a kill count? Souvenirs?"

"Can't afford to." He laughed then. "You know what's funny? I've been accused of murder like...three times. And none of them were ever my hit. They've tossed my place, they've put me in cuffs, they've interrogated me for three murders I never committed. One time they thought I was a biter."

"Are you?"

"Ew, and no," he said. I shrugged. Takes all kinds. "I've killed eighteen scumbags who richly deserved it, but I didn't shoot my girlfriend's dad either. Even if he probably deserved it too. So," he added. "You like blood."

"Yeah. You?"

"I like classic film," he said contemplatively. "So, where do you dump around here?"

"I got a boat. Want me to handle it?"

He lit up with a smile. "Would you? I was worried about that."

"Sure, no problem."

"Hey, listen, I really didn't mean to steal your thunder here. You come up to DC sometime, I'll give you a tour, we'll have some fun."

I gave him my business card.

"You really don't keep any souvenirs at all?" I asked, as we parted ways.

"It's all up here," he said, tapping his temple. "Be seeing you, Dex."

"Seeya, DiNozzo."

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O.O You've made my fluffy all creepy-like, in that scary way where I could see him actually being this deep if he weren't so shallow.

Nice job!

P.S. when did you get into Dexter?

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Tony's an asshat, but he's a very smart asshat :D

I watched S1 of Dexter not long after it came out, but I haven't seen anything past season one.

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I really just want Tony, when accused for the umpteenth time, to say, at some point, "I would SO be better at murder than to do it this way!" and have everybody look at him funny.

Did you whip this out between the preview for next week at 7:59 and 8:30 pm? '!

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, the preview inspired it.:D Like, really? AGAIN?

I'm pretty sure at some point during the "Tony's a biter" incident he said something like "Seriously, I'm an NCIS agent and I didn't bother to clean up a ripped glove at the scene."

I loved that episode. Tony's self-trial and the drumbeat-montage were pure brilliance.

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O-kay... next time I watch NCIS I'm going to be weirded out. :D

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
I like that even though he's a psycho killer, Tony does it in the name of classic films. :D

Very entertaining in a morbid way and a super-fast turnaround to boot!

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
OMG, you writing NCIS fic is, like, the best thing that's happened to me all month.

Tony secretly being a serial killer is something I can totally see. He definitely has a serial-killer quality to him that the others either don't notice or just don't want to. I especially love the image of Abby looking at Tony's work - probably with him standing right over her shoulder - and having no idea who's responsible - wonderfully creepy.

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
It's the charm combined with the complete inability not to be an asshat. :D He's such a DICK but you can't help but like him!

The idea of Abby looking at crime-scene photos (that Tony took) of one of Tony's kills, while Tony looks over her shoulder, seems to be really compelling for a lot of people. I'm tempted to write that scene.

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Oh Sam, why must you lure me into another fandom?

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 01:57 pm (UTC)(link)
It's what I do, baby! :D

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I'm going to love this fic and hug it and pat it on the head...

...and then carefully and quickly put it in a cage where I can continue to love it from a safe distance.

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::snicker:: Good image.

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 04:13 am (UTC)(link)

My mind is sparking off all sorts of weird possibilities for continuation of this story. And it's 04.12 am. Damn you Sam!

*sobs of LOVE*

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Very happy bounces at even the possibility of more of this!


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Aw, the adorable sociopaths made friends.

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Everybody needs a buddy!

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I really sort of love you Sam. This is as warped as the actual Dexter. Go you!

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This is awesome! I love Dexter asking twice about the souvenirs.
Also, imagine how safe the people in TV land would be if every intelligent, slightly psychotic law enforcement agent on TV was actually killing the people who did bad stuff...I'm just saying, you watch CBS long enough you spot the characters who are about a crime scene away from snapping and taking matters into their own hands...maybe :)

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Gibbs is actually a crime scene BEYOND snapping and taking matters into his own hands, technically :D

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::laughs:: I love a delightfully devilish DiNozzo!
ext_3638: I'm in ur history, emphasising ur wimminz (In the land of Nador!)

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Eeee. That was fantastic. Dexter-the-show really creeps me out (for obvious reasons), but I'm fine with the fic. And NCIS is just my kinda-cheesy US cop show secret love. Um. I can't seem to stop seeing typos - you've got souvenirs spelled wrong twice.

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Hey, I'd rather be told about the typos than not :D And I ALWAYS spell that stupid word wrong *fixes* thank you!

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you are seriously twisted and I love you ^_^

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Oh man. I can *see* it. And you know, for NCIS, vigilante serial killing would not be much of a stretch. Not at all.

(Oh Gibbs. How do they get away with making you so stealth sketchy? Normal, admirable... whoops, he vigilante killed again. Pay *no* attention to the murder, ladies and gentlemen. And back to the status quo for the next ep.)

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 12:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Seriously. Gibbs is the paragon of all that is noble and good in law enforcement DON'T LOOK AT THE VIGILATE KILLING okay you can look back now.

If he ever found out what Tony was doing, he'd probably buy him a special knife and ignore the rest for all of time.

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Sam, seriously, you just amuse me to no end. Love it!

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Dexter/NCIS crossover.

You made me so happy!

Loved this

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I quite enjoy it myself :D

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I've never watched Dexter, but OMG, we are NCIS fanatics in my house. Usually, I can't stand DiNozzo, but here, yeah, the jerk could so be a mass murder.

Is it weird that I should say, "Yay, nicely done" for a short story about psychopaths? Okay, Nicely done!

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Oh man this was perfect. Great job!

[identity profile] 2009-02-12 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Really liked this. The casualness of Tony and the offness of Dexter were done brililantly.

[identity profile] 2009-02-12 04:32 am (UTC)(link)

Your mind is made of wonder, you freak. ♥

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Needless to say I LOVE the idea of Tony being a serial killer! I always do love an evil-but-with-perfectly-good-moral guy.
I'd also love to see Dexter/Criminal Minds...

I can just SEE Gibbs finds out and pats Tony on the head with a "Good job. Don't ever let anyone else find out."
I can also see Gibbs and Tony HUNTING. TOGETHER. Gah. *faint from the heat*


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Tony says he's been accused of murder three times.

I know Internal Affairs and Frame Up but what's the third, or did you just add it in?

Also, Tony, growing up in a house with everything but love, serious daddy-issues and practically adopted by 'Mr. Justice' Gibbs? SO a serial killer, why didn't I see it earlier?

Re: Three?

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The third is next week's episode :D

Re: Three?

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Re: Three?

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Re: Three?

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