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These are a series of fanfics written in collaboration with (sometimes in cheerful theft from) [ profile] ironfries. All images link back to her original image posts and are used with permission.

These are all also available at AO3.

Title: Diplomacy
Rating: R (Steve/Tony)
Summary: Most of politics is masturbation.
Warnings: None.
Notes: This is in the "Commander Steve/Director Tony" vein; while they were never in those positions concurrently, it's become a bit of a tumblr trope.

Diplomacy )

Title: Solarium
Rating: R (Steve/Tony, but the rating is mainly for violence)
Summary: If people would just stop making problems for Director Stark, Captain Rogers wouldn’t have to beat them to death.
Warnings: Violence, gore, extreme dysfunctional codependence, murder
Notes: The idea is not mine -- it comes from askjxc on tumblr, who suggested the premise in this comic.

Solarium )

Title: The Redeemer
Rating: PG-13 (Steve/Tony)
Summary: Angels and demons aren't meant to be together, but Steriel and Tonoth have never been ordinary.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Angel/Demon AU. The first part of this fic was actually a later addition inspired by stark-spangled-lovers on tumblr.

The Redeemer )

Title: The Blood's Perimeter
Rating: R (Steve/Tony/Pepper)
Summary: Steve has some unique needs now that he's a super soldier. (Vampire AU)
Warnings: Mild bloodplay.

The Blood's Perimeter )
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Title: The Justice League Of Cardiff Is A Stupid Name
Rating: PG
Summary: Superman is evil and Batman wants to know why Torchwood's agents don't wear capes.
BETA CREDIT JESUS: Like, everyone ever. [ profile] 51stcenturyfox, [ profile] neifile7, [ profile] juniper200, [ profile] misswinterhill, [ profile] gypsylady, and [ profile] paragraphs.
Notes: Written for [ profile] bluejeans07, because I lost a bet over an episode of Doctor Who.
Warnings: None.

Originally posted 1.11.10

Also available at AO3.

BLUEJEAAAAANS! *Barrowman fist-shake*

He's an alien. He's the last of his kind. )
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Title: The Tin Box
Rating: PG-13 (all images are worksafe)
Summary: Jack goes down in history. And he has the photos to prove it.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Gypsy, Foxy, Amandr, Nick, Claire, Spider, C, and Thad for providing photos, inspiration, and encouragement (AND BETAS, JESUS). I know not all of these manips are perfect, but I learned a lot while doing them. If you click on each photo, there's a link to the same photo at my gallery, with commentary on my process and my thoughts. Some are more sublime than others.
Warnings: None.

Originally Posted 10.12.09

Also available at AO3.

The Tin Box )
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Originally Posted 6.24.09

Big Bang is up!

For those just joining us, TARDIS Big Bang is a fic-and-art festival where writers submit a fanfic of 20k words or more, and then artists illustrate or vid the fic. You can find a more complete linkslist over at Copperbadge, but if you just want to find my fic and art they are located here:

Title: Sing Morning Out Of Night
Fandom: Torchwood, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for dark themes; no explicit sex)
Summary: A strange deck of Tarot cards, a dying TARDIS, and UNIT's invasion of a coastal Welsh village lead Torchwood to investigate the disappearance of the Doctor, with some help from Sarah Jane and Luke Smith. This is a new incarnation of the Doctor, however, and none of them are prepared for what they find as they unravel the mystery.
Warnings: None.

TARDIS Tarot card by [ profile] caersmane
Book Cover by [ profile] mad_jaks
Back Cover by [ profile] mizz_destiny. (slightly spoilery, this one)

[ profile] laurab1 also did two images not linked formally from Big Bang:
Jack with the TARDIS
Laughing Doctor Fourteen

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Title: The Rules of Being A Godson
Chapter One: Things You Can't Do At Hogwarts
Fic by [ profile] copperbadge, art by Cara, who used to be [ profile] elaboration but I'm not sure she is anymore, we've lost touch.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Teddy Lupin never gets too close or feels too much; his godfather's son never does anything else.
Warnings: None.
Notes: This arose while Cara and I were capslocking over the final Harry Potter book; she said she wanted to draw Teddy and ship Teddy/James. I said if she drew it I'd write it, and you see before you the result. Thanks to Simon, Heidi, and Judy for betas as well!

First Posted 7.21.07

Also available at AO3.

Chapter One: Things You Can't Do At Hogwarts )

Chapter Two: Nimbus Broomsticks Can't Brake For Shit.
Chapter Three: Lupins Always Look Out For Potters
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Someone must've recc'd Cartographer's Craft recently, because I've had a flurry of comments about it in the past few days. One of the new readers, [ profile] neth_dugan, kindly made an extremely beautiful mock book cover for it -- I love it, though possibly my favourite part (I realise this makes me a design geek) is the subtle map-drawing designs in the background.

Originally posted 4.4.08

If you'd like to leave a comment on it, please do so here, so that the artist will get the notifications.

[ profile] callista_mythol has also made two lovely book covers!

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[ profile] hidden_gems recently re-read Cartographer's Craft and sketched up a lovely Young Sirius from the story. She's given me permission to share, so I thought I'd post it here. It links to a slightly larger version at my scrapbook page.

Hope you like it as much as I did! His grin is fantastic, I think. :D

Originally Posted 12.18.07
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Art post!

These have been stacking up a bit in my inbox, so I'm making up for lost time. :D The images are awesome but large, so I've lj-cut them. Behind the cut we have Hedwig and Glastonbury, Remus and Sirius, and Harry's Hilarious Waffle Flail!

Originally Posted 1.20.08

Warnings: None.

Art Post! )
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Oooh, artlinks! Long overdue.
Warnings: None.

Originally Posted 6.11.08

[ profile] utility_knife, who did the lovely illos for the Hiatus Continuations, has done two more for Jack & Ellis -- you can find them here, along with a drawing from Deathly Hallows and some art for the show Reaper. (I like the second J&E especially; Clare's dress is awesome.)

Also, [ profile] johanirae has done an illustration from Dresser, Ianto helping Jack on with his coat. It's a pretty unique style for Torchwood fanart; very much what a manga of Dresser would look like, I imagine. :)


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