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sam_storyteller ([personal profile] sam_storyteller) wrote2005-07-18 02:20 pm

The Temporal Gourmet

Title: The Temporal Gourmet (Index)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: Produced by the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Companion Auxiliary Board, Price 3 Credits.

Originally Posted 7.17.10

Also available at AO3.

Click to enlarge.

A word of explanation: This past week my mother sent me my gran's recipe for Canadian Butter Tarts. I was expecting a scan of a handwritten or typed index card, but instead she sent me a scan of a page from an Eastern Star cookbook to which my gran had contributed in 1956. These little cookbooks are ubiquitous in Eastern Star and certain religious groups: assembled from recipes contributed by their members, laboriously typeset and bound with plastic comb-binding, they were often sold as fundraisers by the Women's Church Board or similar organisations. Sometimes the recipes are terrifying -- there are usually a lot of Jello Salads and Casseroles.

I think the Doctor probably has a whole collection of them in the library.

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