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The Way It Started

Rating: NC-17 (Sirius/Remus/James)
Summary: Sirius knows how it started.
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.


This is the way it started.

James and Sirius play off each other, always have and always will. They're the perfect pair of mischief makers, the golden boys, the two everyone knows. But sometimes when you know someone so perfectly, when you think their thoughts and know when you're going to look up from a test and meet their eyes -- you crave difference.

And you start to notice the brown-haired boy when other boys are noticing girls, when your partner in crime goes off after some redheaded skirt who won't give him the time of day. Perfectly natural, that's the reason you're not interested in the girls who look at you and giggle behind their quills. You'd rather be playing pranks. That's why when James does go haring off after Lily, Sirius finds Remus and talks to him and torments him the way friends do to each other when they're sixteen.

Sirius hadn't noticed that Remus, much as he hates his own skin, is graceful in it, almost more so than James or himself. Unconsciously, when they're in Hogsmeade, he walks the curb-part of the pavement, upright and balanced. When he sits on the grass reading, his back is perfectly straight, head bowed, hair cutting a line across his cheek. Muggle style is long hair, even on boys, though Sirius still cuts his short, because James cuts his short, though Sirius has never thought consciously about this.

He starts to notice Remus, and never does get around to noticing girls. Remus has, though. He and James pass girly magazines back and forth, and he once asked out one of the Ravenclaw girls on a bet and got to put his hand up her shirt.

But then Remus does seem to notice him, too.

And then one night they're sitting on the bed talking about Quidditch after lights out, curtains charmed to block their voices because Peter is studying and James wants to sleep. And somehow the conversation turns around to girls and sex and wanking and without either one of them knowing how, it's suddenly Remus oh and Sirius and now there's no real reason to bother with girls, because anyway girls don't know how to do it right.

And it's Remus' mouth and Remus' hands and arse and cock and it's so, so good Sirius can't quite stand it sometimes.

James knows. Of course James knows, how could he not, and anyway Sirius has never known how to be discreet. James knows, he just doesn't want to discuss it, doesn't want to see it. Peter might know, but nobody really cares what Peter knows.

And then James asks one day. What's it like. Sirius thinks it's voyeurism because obviously James isn't getting any from Lily, who hates his guts.

Sirius thinks he's joking too, and won't tell him for the longest time.

Which was stupid really.

That's his first thought when he hears Remus' voice, low and even, and sees Remus sitting crosslegged on his bed while James sits on the trunk at the foot and listens, arms on the footboard, chin on arms. Listens to Remus tells him exactly what it feels like.

And Sirius can't shake the image of Remus with his low voice and perfect mouth saying those things to James who is practically him, and yet not, and it'd be like watching himself if James wanted to --

He stops because of course James would never want to. But the next time they're kissing and touching and Oh yes a little more Sirius asks the graceful brown-haired boy what he'd think of James if James tried to make a move on him and Remus laughs and says Why would James try that on me?

But that's not the question I asked Sirius says and Remus says He's not you.

But he looks like me come on Moony what would you say?

And Remus suddenly tumbles to the thought and says You fancy seeing me and him?

Sirius can't quite look at him so he looks away and Remus laughs and says Pervert and undoes his flies and doesn't answer until after Sirius is breathless and sleepy and then he says I'd do it if you were along.

Both of us? Sirius asks, and Remus nods on top of him, oh the nights they've fallen asleep this way.

Both of you.

The mechanics of it are enough to interest Sirius into staying up long after Remus has fallen asleep, thinking.

But of course James knew that. Because the next morning James says to him D'you think Moony'd let me --

Before he can finish Sirius is nodding and answering But only if I'm along.

Which seem to be the magic words because right then and there in the middle of the dormitory James flushes bright scarlet red. Their eyes meet and because they've always been the pair, the ones who know each other's thoughts, it's easy to just assume that at dinner James is going to put a sleeping potion in Peter's cup and later tonight Sirius is going to invite James into Remus' bed.

Remus, who is linked to Sirius in much more subtle ways, is not told.

So that when he looks up over the edge of his book and finds two dark-haired heads peering at him, he is momentarily a little confused.

Sirius pushes James forward a little with a hand on his back and James tips Remus' book down further and kisses him, hesitantly.

Remus, while confused, is not an idiot.

His fingers tremble while they're closing the book and putting it aside and pressing on James' bare chest -- No need to wear anything more than necessary, Sirius had said, This is a seduction after all. Sirius watches with unconcealed approval as a boy with dark curly hair kisses his Remus.

James and Sirius have always shared everything. So have Remus and Sirius, at least since the start of sixth year, and now see how the circle is complete because Remus and James are sharing a hell of a kiss.

Sirius bends to kiss the back of James' neck and feels Remus slide down on the bed, James with him. Oh the sounds James makes as their hips fit together and oh the look in Remus' eyes over James' shoulder, right at him, curious and hungry.

Sirius puts his big broad hands on James' hips, moving him, James protesting and already bucking but Sirius pins him gently to the bed, sliding over him to kiss him into obedience.

Remus' eyes are no longer hungry. They are devouring. And his shirt is half-off and his hair is disordered and Sirius shifts, pulling him up with one hand under his shoulderblades, until it is Sirius facing Remus and James behind Remus; Remus' hand in his trousers and James' knuckles brushing his stomach as he undoes Remus' and undressing is a hurried mass of hands and wriggling legs and then --

Wait Remus gasps and Sirius realises that James is about to fuck him. James, you precocious bastard, Sirius growls.

Remus smiles against his shoulder at the obscenity as Sirius takes a moment to teach James some necessary truths about what you ought to do before trying to bugger your best friend but then Oh god oh god.


Remus is breathing short and quick and James is moving against his body making their bodies move against Sirius, who can see.


And feel Remus' body thrusting against his and feel the tips of James' fingers on Remus' hips and it's better than he'd hoped. So much better.

So much better that Remus is biting his neck, careful not to break the skin but not too careful, so much better that Sirius thrusts and bucks too. So much better that James is gasping and moaning and trying to get even closer, to push deeper, while Remus begs Please James more please.

So much better that James comes with a moan and a cry and Remus kisses Sirius hungrily and Sirius brings him brings them both over the edge with his hands, and every minute of the time the two of them touch and kiss, James can see it all.

My god, Remus says against his cheek.

Sirius has a moment a brief moment of fear that somehow for all the practice they've had James is already better than he is or ever will be but then James kisses Remus' neck and says Ta, mates.

And Remus is so busy trying to crawl inside Sirius' skin that he doesn't answer so Sirius says Ta, James, and lets James curl close to Remus his Remus and James falls asleep and Remus falls asleep and Sirius thinks he's going to have to try to commit every detail to memory because watching James and Remus fuck was so good. But it should not be repeated, just in case he loses the one thing he needs more than anything else in the world.

In his sleep Remus curls his fingers around Sirius' hip, frowning at the feel of a body on either side of him. He pushes James away, just a little, and Sirius is irrationally glad.


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Oh yes. So hot and lovely. And the ending was wonderful, perfectly posessive Sirius like that.

[identity profile] 2005-08-20 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
I... don't believe I've ever read a threesome before. And yes, the mechanics do get exponentially more complicated with every new person added to the mix. Especially when they're all boys so you can't cut corners with pronouns. "'He'?! Which 'he'?!!!" rofl, good work Sam.

[identity profile] 2005-08-20 12:03 pm (UTC)(link)
That was lovely, seriously, the ending made me smile so much!

[identity profile] 2005-08-27 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
Wonderful story!

Adore the following line:
"Remus, while confused, is not an idiot."

[identity profile] 2006-07-10 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
This is perfect. I love the flow ow the fic - the way that you don't use quotation marks is a nice touch and it certainly adds to the poetic and emotional feel of the fic. I love the way that you show the Remus/Sirius inside and apart from the Remus/Sirius/James and Sirius' thoughts on the whole matter. His fears and possessiveness at the end are quite charming. This is definitely a new favorite of mine :).

[identity profile] 2007-11-24 03:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I loved it ! Very originally written, and really touching!

(Anonymous) 2011-11-03 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
Gah, the hotness! And an adorable Sirius. I love the "Ta, mates" from James and the fact that, however turned on Remus may have been, he seems to only have eyes for Sirius. Yum.