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House MD Fic: Karma (rated G)

Title: Karma
Fandom: House, MD
Rating: G
Summary: It's not about the medical boards.
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.

"House, I am telling you, he does not have a herniated spine."

"And I am telling you that he does!"

does not! I should think even you would be able to diagnose a simple neurological disorder -- "

Gregory House, not quite MD yet, threw up his hands and turned away.

idiot!" he said. "I'm not talking about the boards exam!"


When he reached the bar, Wilson was already chatting up a pretty young thing who would probably just adore knowing that he had a fiancee and a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt.

"That's so cool!" she squealed as House arrived.

"Honey, I'm finally done," House said, sliding onto the stool next to Wilson. He leaned around to offer the girl his hand. "I'm Gregory."

"Hi..." she said uncertainly. "Nina."

"Fantastic name. Have you been entertaining Jimmy?"

"I was just telling her about our medical board exams," Wilson said, giving House a shut up, you asshole look. "I was telling her about how we have to examine another doctor who's faking a disease and diagnose it. How'd you do?"

"Well..." House sucked breath through his teeth. "Could have gone better. Then again, could have gone worse. Darling, send the waitress away."

"He's not -- we're not -- " Wilson said, as a look of comprehension dawned on the girl's face. "No, he's just -- "

"You two are so cute!" she said. "Good luck, James. I'm sure you passed."

Wilson put his head down on the bar as she walked away, still giggling. House patted the back of his head.

"I hate you," Wilson said.

"Yeah, but you're stuck with me. Wanna hear about my day?"


"Invasive spinal surgery."

Wilson turned to eyeball him with his head still on the bar. "What?"

"I got to assist on invasive spinal surgery."


"Teeeechnically I failed my boards exam. He was pretending to have early-stage Parkinson's."

"And you diagnosed it as...what?"

"Didn't," House said succinctly. "I was busy diagnosing him with an actual herniation in his lumbar vertebrae. They rushed him to surgery. It was, and I do not say this lightly, awesome."

"House, can I ask you a serious question?" Wilson asked.

"Mmm, no. You can buy me a drink, though."

"How come you're such a complete asshole and yet you get all the luck?"

House shrugged, flagging down the barman and ordering a beer.

"I'm sure it'll catch up with me sooner or later," he said.

"You'd better hope it doesn't."

"Relax, God's not going to smite me for ruining your shot at delectable infidelity. There's way better reasons."

Wilson sighed and sipped his drink.

"Here's to Doctor House and Doctor Wilson," he said.

"Long may they reign."


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Hahahaha! I love it!

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Hee. I needed that bit of awesomeness. :)

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YAY. <3

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Hah, I was just watching the last House episode...

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*looks at title*


I'll handwave the bit about House taking tests at the same time as Wilson even though they're about 10 years apart in age because I liked this story that much. :P


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I guess the actors are, but I thought the characters were canonically about the same age? Must do research...

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Actually, I might be mixing up canon and fanon- as far as I remember the timeline of House and Wilson's career was never explained. Just like most of the show's past timeline, it's, erm...fluid. :P So just ignore my nitpickping.


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I love you more than chocolate.

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ahahaha awesomeness.

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That's totally awesome.

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Sam, you rock.

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Love!!! I saw the icon and was all "SAM!!!!! FIC!!!!!WOOT!"

Yeah. love!!

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*squee!* When I saw House!Fic and your name, I swear I heard breaks squealing on my mouse. ;)

I <3 You(and/or your House!Fic's)!

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Somehow you make me love Wilson even more than I already did. It's absurd, and I didn't think it was possible.

And is the age difference between RSL and Hugh Laurie (exactly 10 years, I think. . .) at all equal to their age difference in the show?

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I was under the impression that in the show they're the same age, but apparently I may be mistaken. More research required...
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Sam. I BEG you, revise your policy, and write this season's missing eps? Please? Pretty please with an ambulance on top?

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I wish I had the energy, I really do. I'd love to. But....*sighs*

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I just love your House.
And I love that you're still alive and writting fic.

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Writing slowly, but writing! :D
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*fangirl mega-ultra-reallybig-SQUEE*
adorable. :D

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I finally get to use this icon (please note, you may touch my ass whenever you like ^_~). I do love the way House always lands on his feet, no matter how little he has done to deserve it. It must be the reason he ended up being such an ass.

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That was fantastic.

I love how it's early-snark, which is slightly less biting, but still hilarious. Also, 'Jimmy'? LOL.

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"Here's to Doctor House and Doctor Wilson," he said.

"Long may they reign."

*snerk* Is it weird that I can see the same dynamic with House and Wilson as Remus and Sirius in Laocoon's Children? I can so see Wilson freaking out however many years down the road when he realizes he really *is* gay - and not just for House.

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AWW!!! Thats so cute and so House.

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Hey. Just wanting to drop you a line to say how much I loved this fic and fanboy over you as I have done in the past. Diagnosing the examiner is so very House that I laughed out loud, which I don't often do at the written word for authors who aren't Pratchett or Saki.

It was nice to see you tackling a non-Harry Potter fandom this time. I really like your Good Omens stuff (despite my complete adoration for the Stealing Harry/Laocoon's Children series, The Rules of Being a Godson, Legion of Ghosts, and the Cartographer's Craft) and this House fic was a nice refreshing change. The style was interesting, the mostly dialogue thing I mean. It was different without being gimmicky, if you get my drift.

But yeah, great job, and I hope you get another chapter of LC or LoGs done soon so I can continue to fanboy at you.

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Hiya! Glad you're enjoying the fic :) I do like to branch out, it keeps the brain fresh as it were.

Alas, having broken my wrist I don't know if I will be writing more fic anytime soon, but here's hoping!

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Oh jeez, I hope the wrist gets better soon... and I have no idea how to finish this comment...

Curse my awkwardness when it comes to expressing sympathy without sounding patronising or supercilious.

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It's quite all right, you didn't sound either :D

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So fun! *mem'd*

The show has never clarified the age difference between House and Wilson. (They also gave House two different birthdays.) So, the same age is a possibility.

Fic: Karma

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Long may they reign, indeed!

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I lift my drink to that cheer as well!