mekare: (doctor who brilliant)
mekare ([personal profile] mekare) wrote in [personal profile] sam_storyteller 2015-12-27 11:51 am (UTC)

"I genuinely did not think you would need more therapy than the traumatized brainwashed assassin," Steve continued, "but as usual you just have to be the best at everything."

My new favorite line!

The confinement was comforting, like the safe tight grip of the armor's undersuit.

Huh, now there's something to that. Never thought about it, but it makes sense with Tony being the flighty person that he is.

"Which one?" Tony asked, because he'd already fucked all this up, he might as well go the distance.
This sums him up beautifully.

Thanks for including that conversation at the end: so he handles Tony’s neuroses like a short, sarcastic Pepper clone made me laigh out loud.

To conclude, a wonderfully satisfying threesome dynamic that I can definitely believe!

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