Sep. 5th, 2014

sam_storyteller: (Gen Fic)
Title: Comfort Food
Rating: G
Summary: Tony, against his will, introduces Steve and Natasha to Ore-Ida's finest.

Also available at AO3.

Tony was, strangely enough, the one who originally introduced them. )
sam_storyteller: (Slash Fic)
Title: Catch
Rating: R (Steve/Tony)
Summary: Steve accidentally kisses Tony during a battle. Tony accidentally has phone sex in a bath. Probably neither of these are really all that accidental.

Also available at AO3.

They've done the catch a thousand times before... )
sam_storyteller: (Slash Fic)
Title: Reputation
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Steve thinks Iron Man is trading sexual favors to Tony Stark for perks for the Avengers, and he's determined to protect his teammate.
Notes: First suggested by Amelioratrix here.

Also available at AO3.

When Steve offered, he wasn’t expecting laughter... )
sam_storyteller: (Alternate Universe)
Title: Come Home
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack finds a way to reverse Ianto's death; there is a cost, but the little family was happy, until their son James and his friend Steve went to war...
Notes: Inspired by a post here on tumblr. I’ve fiddled with the timeline of Bucky and Steve’s births a little, and ignored anything that happened after Children of Earth, because fuck Miracle Day that’s why.

Also available at AO3.

When Jack began to walk the earth after Ianto and Steven died, it wasn’t purposeless. )
sam_storyteller: (Slash Fic)
Title: Verified Real Deal
Rating: PG
Summary: Steve gets a tumblr. Tumblr gets a Steve.
Notes: Originally posted as an injoke on Tumblr here.

Also available at AO3.

Yo, Sam's post simply says... )
sam_storyteller: (Gen Fic)
Title: Kings Of Industry
Rating: G
Summary: Tony Stark showed up in Steve Rogers’ hospital room with a get-well bouquet and an offer for Sam Wilson -- from King T'Challa of Wakanda.
Notes: Originally posted as two separate fics, "Hell Yeah" and "Kings Of Industry".

Also available at AO3.

So that was you. )
sam_storyteller: (Slash Fic)
Title: For Science
Rating: R
Summary: Tony discovers top-secret footage of Steve Rogers pre- and post-serum. And discovers why it’s top secret. (Voyeurism, blowjobs, and the strangest threesome Tony’s ever been in.)

Also available at AO3.

Is this test strictly necessary? )

On Storytelling:

Fanfiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by folk.
-- Henry Jenkins

Life is very short. We die on the march. But there is nothing outside the march so nothing can be lost to it. The missing plays of Sophocles will turn up piece by piece, or be written again in another language.
-- Tom Stoppard

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.
-- G. Bernard Shaw

A good story should provoke discussion, debate, argument...and the occasional bar fight.
-- J. Michael Strazynski

Here's how to become a great artist. First, get miserable. Misery drives you to become a great artist, but the art does nothing for your misery, which drives you to drugs, which makes you a lousy artist.
-- House M.D.

Humans? They're long gone. Vanished. Extinct. They only exist in stories.
-- Ferngully

Anton Chekov, who was a doctor, said, "Medicine is my wife; writing is my mistress."

Se non e vero, e ben trovato. (Even if it’s not true, it’s a good story.)
-- Italian Proverb

The recipe for becoming a good novelist is easy to give, but to carry it out presupposes qualities one is accustomed to overlook. One has only to make a hundred or so sketches for novels, none longer than two pages but of such distinctness that every word in them is necessary. One should write down anecdotes every day until one has learnt how to give them the most pregnant and effective form; one should be tireless in collecting and describing human types and characters; one should above all relate things to others and listen to others relate, keeping one's eyes and ears open for the effect produced on those present, one should travel like a landscape painter or costume designer. One should, finally, reflect on the motives of human actions, disdain no signpost for instruction about them and be a collector of these things by day and night. One should continue in this many-sided exercise for some ten years; what is then created in the workshop will be fit to go out into the world.
-- Nietzsche

The thief. Once committed beyond a certain point he should not worry himself too much. Thieving is God's message to him. Let him try and be a good thief.
-- Samuel Butler

What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure.
-- Samuel Johnson

Same story, different versions, and all are true.
-- POTC: Dead Man's Chest

I am a humble artist
moulding my earthly clod,
adding my labour to nature's,
simply assisting God.
-- Piet Hein

Every archaeologist knows in his heart why he digs. He digs, in pity and humility, that the dead may live again, that what is past may not be forever lost, that something may be salvaged from the wrack of the ages.
-- From "The Testimony of the Spade"

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
-- Francis Bacon

It is better, of course, to know useless things than to know nothing.
-- Seneca epistles 88 45

When asked how she acquired her knowledge of science, Octavia Butler replied, "I read."

Imagination is more important than information.
-- Albert Einstein

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