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A full index of podfics done of my work is here, or you can check my "Podfic" tag on the journal.

RECENTLY ADDED: (Posted since January 1, 2013)


Original Work

The Original Sam: My place for all new original fiction, including several first- and second-draft novels.

Extribulum Press: The sales page for my published novels and nonfiction work. Many of the volumes there are also available in ePub or free PDF.

Miscellaneous Short Stories

Pregnant and Effective Forms: an experiment in daily writing.

The Day The Music Died: PG-13. What if everything possible went wrong in one fandom at one time?

Lady Mine, Come Down: R. A short erotic piece.

Outside of Rome. R, Brutus/Cassius. Brutus and Cassius make plans.

Torchwood And Doctor Who Shortfic

(All fics except Sing Morning Out Of Night are also available at AO3.)

Promotion: PG, Gen, Jack/Ianto-ish. Being useful is more important than being afraid.

Ignition: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. Ianto, gorgeous fucked-up Ianto, had taken control of the one thing from their misadventures in the countryside that he could control.

A Man Not Alone: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. Ianto Jones knows why Jack is Torchwood's leader. Jack knows what Ianto Jones will be.

Dresser: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. "To be dressed by a skillful man is something to be proud of." (Post also links to the fic at AO3.)
Naked: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. Sequel to Dresser. Jack thinks this is all about him (Jack would). That's okay.

If We Haven't Got Nightingales, Glenn Miller Will Suffice: PG, Jack/Hub, Jack/Ianto. In which Gerald Carter is distinctly annoyed, Ianto Jones goes exploring, Lisa Hallet is the cause of a falling-out, Owen Harper contemplates new digs, Jack Harkness has sex (with architecture), Gwen Cooper weds, and Glenn Miller plays.

No Word For Yes: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. Someday he will have a Jack-to-English dictionary. Though it will contain more than just the words, he supposes. And be unsuitable for children.

It Was Not Death, For I Stood Up: PG, Gen. In the months leading up to Suzie's suicide, Ianto comes under her wing and learns from her example.

The Quiet Room: R, Ianto/Tosh, Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Gwen/Jack. "Inside this room, no one talks. It isn't allowed. What goes on here stays here and, outside of it, never happened. Other than that there are no rules, in a manner of speaking."

In Every Minute: PG-13. Jack/Ianto. Jack will live forever, but that's no reason not to live for now.

Defender Of The Faith: PG, Gen. Torchwood answers to the Queen, serves the people, and shoots some wildlife.

The Harkness Variations: PG-13 (mainly for violence), some Jack/Ianto. Ten ways Jack's life could have been different -- some better, some worse, for him and for others.

Delight of Battle:: R, Jack/Ian Chesterton. Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover. Earth is a hard place to be stuck after having all of time and space at your feet. Sometimes, even Torchwood can mean freedom.

Compromise: PG, Jack/Ianto. After the Beacons, Ianto's inner censor is offline and Jack refuses to go home. German expressionism ensues.

And Yet: PG, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Tosh, Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Rose, Jack/Jackie. Three ways that things were; three ways that things could have been.

Interrogation: R, Jack/Ianto. After Jack returns and John Hart departs, Ianto and Owen both get to confront Jack about his immortality in their own way.

Job Description: R. Ianto/Everyone (consecutive, not concurrent). "I can't tell if that's open-mindedness or prostitution." "I prefer to call it an unwritten line on the job description."

Lambert & Butler: PG, Gen. Well, when coffee, alcohol, and sex fail us...

Won't You Come Home To Me: PG, Jack/Ianto. Jack doubles back on himself, and Ianto is left to arrange matters.

All That I Ain't Got: PG, Jack/Ianto. The letters exchanged between Jack and Ianto during the three month time period of "Won't You Come Home To Me".

Price: PG-13, Ianto/Gwen/Jack.
Price (Rewritten): R, Ianto/Gwen/Jack.
Surely, given that Ianto had made his own peace with Jack and Gwen's bizarre sexless love affair, they had known they were having it.

The Edge Of The Roof: R, Jack/Ianto. Ianto's only seen Jack drunk three times; two of them weren't pleasant.

Carnival Show: PG-13, Jack/Ianto, hint of Tosh/Owen. Something has gone horribly wrong at the Electro Cinema. As it falls through time, the team must find a way to escape without Jack's help -- or at any rate, without their Jack's help.

The Tin Box: A Story With Pictures: PG-13 (images are worksafe). Jack goes down in history. And he has the photos to prove it.

Not What You're Thinking: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. Gwen can't help but ask. Ianto can't quite resist telling.

Hard Bargain: G, Gen. Pterodactyl-hunting in the Welsh countryside nets Jack Harkness an unexpected ally.

Zero Sum: PG-13, Jack/Ianto. "I don't think that anyone has ever questioned my manners in bed before. Restaurants, cars, the course of my duties, but never in bed."

Manchild: G, Gen. "So we made a new rule: if you shoot the Captain you buy dinner.")

Sleeping My Way To The Top: PG, Jack/Ianto implied. "I quit. You be leader." "Nice coat. Want a job?"

First Day: PG, Gen. "Ianto Jones. I hired him last night after he almost got me killed by a pterodactyl. Good times."

Troublemaker (In A Nice Suit): G, Gen. Afon Jones was a tailor with a shop convenient to the Plass and a son called Troublemaker.

Symmetry: PG. Ianto buys Tosh a drink. It's just symmetry.)

Care And Feeding: PG, Jack/OMC, Jack/Ianto. Jack's coat is older and more durable than it looks.

I Make No Promises As To Historical Veracity: PG, Gen. Ianto copes by inventing the coffee machine. Gwen copes by crossdressing.

Family Secrets: PG, Jack/Ianto. Ianto and Rhi finally manage to have Words about his new job and his new boyfriend. Predictably, nothing goes as planned. Coda to the Virtual Series episode Family Business.

Sing Morning Out Of Night: PG-13, Torchwood/Who/Sarah Jane Adventures crossover. A strange deck of Tarot cards, a dying TARDIS, and UNIT's invasion of a coastal Welsh village lead Torchwood to investigate the disappearance of the Doctor, with some help from Sarah Jane and Luke Smith.

Doctor Who
(All fics are also available at AO3.)

Punching is Touching: PG, Gen, Ninth Doctor. There was a word for a person who was at once Me and Not Me. For those rare times when you had to talk to yourself. Eillul.

The Gift Of The Mad Guy: PG, Gen. The Doctor joins some Kings of Orient following a star, helps a quartet of sociologists, gets thrown in prison, meets shepherds (ditto: talking sheep), finds a baby in a stable, uses Christmas carols for nefarious ends, and learns The True Meaning Of Camel.

Bar TARDIS: G, Gen. When Rose starts feeling a little too much kinship for the banana tree in the kitchen, the Doctor takes her for a quiet drink. A really quiet drink.

Rotten Petty Perfect Sexy: R, Jack/Eleven, Torchwood/Who crossover. For the first time in four hundred years, the Doctor regenerated with a sex drive. Fortunately, he knew exactly who to consult about it.

In Geneva: PG-13, Brigadier/Eleven. The Brigadier was always a companion on his own terms.

Wonders Never Cease: R, Doctor/Shakespeare. Kissing the Doctor isn't like kissing other people.

De Bello Rorii and Vita Longa: PG-13 (some sexual content), Rory/Amy, Rory/Amy/Eleven. Two versions of the same story: De Bello Rory is the short first version, Vita Longa is the expanded and more well-written one. Follows Rory through all his myriad lives as he looks for people to love.

The Temporal Gourmet (Index): PG, Gen. Produced by the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Companion Auxiliary Board, Price 3 Credits.

Torchwood and Doctor Who Crossovers:
All posts also link to the fics at AO3.

Trying to Communicate: PG, Jack/Ianto; Torchwood/LOLcats crossover. There's an alien in the Hub, and it's trying to communicate.

#LOVESTORY: PG, Torchwood/Iron Man crossover. "I await your variable input." "You say the nicest things."

The Justice League Of Cardiff Is A Stupid Name: PG, hints of Batman/Superman, comic book crossover. Superman is evil and Batman wants to know why Torchwood's agents don't wear capes.

I Was Only Borrowing Time (I Was Going To Put It Back): PG, Gen; White Collar/Doctor Who crossover. They haven't exactly met in linear order, Neal and the Doctor, but sometimes that makes for the best kind of friendship.


The Stainless Steel Rat Lives Forever: PG-13, Jack/Angelica, Jack/Ianto. Torchwood/Stainless Steel Rat crossover. Written with Madripoor_Rose. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon when a beautiful, heavily armed woman fell through the Rift, and Jack swore in Esperanto and tried to hide under his desk.

At The Still Point: R, Ten/Jack. Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover. Written with Shane_Mayhem and 51stCenturyFox. On the eve of regeneration, the Doctor has one last gift for Jack. (Post also links to the fic at AO3.)

Blink Twice For Coffee: PG, Jack/Ianto. Hints of Doctor Who crossover. Written with Cruentum. It's like this: I died and turned into a fifty-second century bartender. It's very distracting.

Torchwood And Doctor Who Longfic
The first post of every story also links to the fic at AO3.

The Doctor And Mr. Jones: R, Jack/Ianto. Torchwood/Doctor who crossover. The Doctor thought he was alone in the universe -- but Torchwood is about to prove him wrong.

The Theory of Two Centres: R, Jack/Ianto. Ianto Jones woke up in a bed that wasn't his, in a flat that wasn't his, wearing clothing that definitely wasn't his.

The Rulesverse: PG through R (individual stories are marked) Jack/Ianto, hints of Jack/Ianto/OMC. The Rulesverse is a series of stories centred around an OC named Nicholas who comes to work for Torchwood after Jack's disappearing act at the end of Season One.

In Another Life: R, Rose/alt!Ten. An all-too-human Doctor begins to build a life with Rose Tyler, but old ghosts -- both real and imagined -- still haunt him. And there's only so much human life you can live without a name.

The Lo-Verse: R, multiple ships focused on Jack/Ianto. Follows Jack Harnkess, aka Lo Boeshane, through his first year at the 51st Century Fleet Academy, where he meets a time-displaced librarian named Ianto Jones and has a mysterious admiral for a mentor.

Condition of Release: PG-13 (R in the final chapter), Jack/Ianto. Jack has studied the Cybermen for forty years, and he's damned if he'll let one take any of his people away from him without a fight.

Writer In A Drawer: Ratings between G and PG-13 (listed with stories). A set of stories written for the Writer In A Drawer fanfic contest in 2009.

Torchwood Season Zero: PG-13 (violence). A set of summaries, logs, quotes, and ephemera for an imagined "season zero" that might have taken place before Torchwood S1.

Torchwood USA: PG-13 (language), canon ships plus some ships between original characters. Alternate Universe reimagining of Torchwood and Doctor Who which contains some RPF. If Torchwood and Doctor Who had been created and filmed in America, this is what might result.

Harry Potter Shortfics
All posts also link to the fics at AO3.


The Founders Trilogy: NC-17, Salazar/OFC/Godric. Salazar is working dangerous sex magic, but only to bind him closer to Godric.

Ownership: NC-17, Remus/Multiple Original Partners, Remus/Sirius. Remus doesn't own his body, after all -- so why should he care who else does?

Belong: NC-17, Remus/Lily/James. Remus wishes he were invisible. James and Lily know better.

If It's Us: NC-17, Remus/Sirius/James. Remus and Sirius offer James a little relief.

Chasing the Moon: NC-17, Remus/OMC. Remus has strange dreams.

Always A Woman: Remus/Bellatrix, Sirius/Bellatrix, Remus/Sirius. Bellatrix plays games with her cousin, and her cousin's lover.

Fool For A Black: NC-17, Sirius/Remus/Regulus. Remus has always been a fool for the Black boys.

The Way It Started: NC-17, Sirius/Remus/James. Sirius knows how it started.

After Dinner Sin: NC-17, Remus/Bill/Sirius. Remus and Sirius seduce Bill Weasley.


The Bowl of Lilacs: R, Remus/Lily. Remus and Lily know they can't have a life together, but maybe they can have something else...

Pilgrimage: R, Remus/Sirius. ROAD TRIP. (Post also links to the PG rated version)

Kingsley's Folly: R, Remus/Kingsley. "Are you sorry that you assumed things, sorry that you menaced me, sorry that Sirius is dead, or sorry that I fancy men?"

The Lens of Years: R, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks. Beginning in 1981, the chronicle of Remus' uneasy relationship with the Tonks family, and "that kid Nymphadora" in particular.

Rhapsody in Blue: R, Remus/Tonks. Remus has decided it's time to cure Tonks of her awkwardness, the only way he knows how.

Broken: R, Godric/Salazar. Salazar breaks his promises.

After The Game: R, Percy/Oliver. Love quite took Percy Weasley by surprise.

Something Better: R, Ginny/Sirius (Post-canon). Ginny and Sirius work on his machine.

The Artist: R, Godric/Salazar, Remus/Sirius. Salazar is an artist, of a most unusual nature.

Alley: R, Sirius/Snape. Hatesex!

The Literal Game: R, Remus/James. Remus and James play a drinking game that ends up more exciting than they intended.

Masked Revels: R, multiple marauders-era ships. On May first, anything can happen...

Animals And Angels: R, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Snape. Themes of domestic abuse. Sirius has a temper, but werewolves are strong; when Remus won't fight back, Snape steps in.

All The Words: R, Bill/Fleur, Percy/Fleur. Bill wants a favour from Percy; that doesn't go like he expected.

The Library Morning: R, Remus/Bill. Bill wants Remus Lupin in the library.

Warm Body: R, Remus/Bill. Remus is more than just another warm body for the army.

Handler: R, Remus/Charlie. Charlie knows how to handle Remus Lupin.

Head Boy: R, Remus/Percy. Percy is a high-strung young man; Remus just wants to calm him down.

The Argument: R, Remus/Snape, Harry/Ron. Remus was almost glad. He'd somewhat missed the fighting.

Experiments: R, Remus/Snape. A potions experiment goes awry.

Transformation: R, Remus/Snape. Snape observes Remus at the full moon.

Wuthering Heights: R, Remus/Regulus. "Fuck it, I'm not reading this stupid book."

About My Friends: R, Remus/Sirius. Sirius wasn't the only one who showed up on James' doorstep one rainy summer night.

All The World: R, Remus/Sirius. Remus and his photographs.

Always Like This: R, Remus/Sirius. It wasn't exactly that Sirius didn't know how to cook...

Anywhere: R, Remus/Sirius. Sirius takes Remus for a ride on the motorbike.

Breakfast: R, Remus/Sirius. It wasn't that Sirius and Lily didn't like each other. Well, it was, but Remus would overlook that.

Figuring: R, Remus/Sirius. Remus needs a little help figuring out this particular sort of sex.

What You Wanted: R, Remus/Sirius. Remus is nervous about exams.

Turnabout: R, Remus/Sirius. Sirius plays tricks on Remus in the library, but Remus gets his own in the end.

Sweet Tea and Cocoa: R, Remus/Tonks. She didn't notice the tea, that night, or for many, many nights thereafter.

Alive: R, Remus/Sirius. Remus might be going mad -- or he might be a conduit for the dead. (Post also links to the fic at AO3.)

A Lifetime Of Calamities...The Laws of Heaven and Earth Remix: R, Harry/Draco. This is a "remix" of A Lifetime of Calamities... by blythely.

Generous (The Lily Evans Remix): R; SB/JP, SB/RL, JP/LE. A "remix" of Generous by [ profile] fleshdress.


Sublimation And The Snitch: PG-13, Gen. SUBLIMATION AND THE SNITCH: QUIDDITCH IN HUMAN SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS by Remus J. Lupin, Hogwarts School, History of Magic Class.

The Uncle: PG-13, Remus/Sirius. In an alternate universe, Remus Lupin is a crime boss, and he wants to teach Harry everything he knows....

In Every Word: PG-13, not gen but no major character ships. For mctabby, who if memory serves requested "something, anything Slughorn". I have done my best to show him as his favourite student saw him.

No Treaty: PG-13, Harry/Draco. He had agreed not to be a complete arse if Harry agreed not to be a wanker. Granted, Harry was being a wanker, but Draco could be the bigger man.

Conservatory: PG-13, Draco/Ron. Someone had written a revisionist history book claiming that the idea for the piano was stolen from a wizarding instrument of great antiquity. Draco had to admit that anything involving stringing cat's guts on pegs and pounding them with hammers did seem about in the Pureblood line.

Gathering: PG-13, Godric/Salazar. For the short few years Salazar had remained at Hogwarts, he'd always kept his windows open, even in the chill of winter, and burned fires on the floor of his rooms if he grew cold.

The Spell Journal: PG-13, gen with multiple implied ships. A True And Detailed Account of the Goings On of Four Loyal Friends while Attending Hogwarts School as Recorded by Sirius Black, Esquire.

Faces: PG-13, Snape/Tonks. It was a minor irritation in a life filled with minor irritations that nearly everyone he knew called him Professor.

The Report: PG-13, Gen. Hermione ends up in the worst possible place for her.

First: PG-13, Percy/Fleur. Percy was first.

Ages of Ink: PG-13, Remus/Sirius implied. All of Sirius' tattoos have meaning.

The Rules Of Being A Godson: PG-13, Teddy/James. Teddy Lupin never gets too close or feels too much; his godfather's son never does anything else.

Away From Home: PG-13, Gen. Ghost stories around the fire end up being more revealing than Remus intended.

Forgive: PG-13, Gen. James was the leader and Sirius was the daring one, and Peter was the clown, and Remus was the dreamer.

And His Law: PG-13, Remus/OFC. Remus hates broomsticks.

Being The First: PG-13, Remus/Harry (Post-Hogwarts). I blame Monica, who said to me "I dare you to write a Remus/Harry and make it not be wrong."

Methodically Curious: PG-13, Remus/Tonks implied. "Does your mother know you ask this sort of thing to unsuspecting men drinking their tea?"

Learning To Knock: PG-13, Remus/Lots of people. Harry keeps forgetting to knock. Humour.

The Fifth Drink: PG-13, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Moody. Moody understands loss.

Time To Understand: PG-13, Gen. A detailed arrangement of some vague ideas I had in my head for the backstory of "my" Lupin -- most of the stories I write about him, he has a similar background, though his presents may be different from each other.

Matched: PG-13, Remus/Snape. He looked like he knew the precise breaking point of his bones, and knew he was near to it.

Remus Lupin's Booty Call: PG-13. Remus/Tonks. On Christmas Eve, Remus gets up enough courage to call Nymphadora, and receives an especially tempting invitation.

The Visit: PG-13, Harry/Draco. Cho was still being a damp sponge and Ron and Hermione were off subjugating and Colin wouldn't do it without his camera and Ginny wouldn't do it at ALL and Harry's last really great fuck had died during the bloody awful TriWizard mess.


Registration: PG, Gen. Registering a child for Hogwarts is a big deal.

The Children: PG, Gen, Draco/Hermione implied. They will always be the children of the war.

Games Almost Played: PG, Harry/Cedric, Remus/Sirius implied. Three unusual Tasks which could have happened in three Triwizard Tournaments that never did. Alternate Universe.

The Three Trials of Severus Snape: PG, Gen. Minerva McGonagall narrates three events in the life of Severus Snape, in an attempt to show his true character. Written as a Radio Play for a Spellcast Live event at Phoenix Rising.

Fashionista: PG, Gen, Remus/Tonks implied. Tonks just wishes he'd let her buy him some clothes.

Reclamation: PG, Remus/Sirius implied. Themes of suicide and references to major character death. In an alternate universe, one man still struggles with a moral decision made many years before.

Anywhere But Here: PG, Gen. Seventh year; the time children become adults, the time that one faces decisions, the time responsibility for one's own life, the life of one's fellows, becomes distressingly clear...

Fixing: PG, Gen. Harry sees more than Remus gives him credit for, and fills his own need for occupation.

Empty Burrow: PG, Arthur/Molly. The Weasley parents cope with a suddenly empty home.

The Impressionist Mechanism: PG, Gen. What possesses a relatively sensible grown man to buy spine candles for a children's classroom?

Five Ways Sirius Black Didn't Lie Low At Lupins (And One Way He Did): PG, Remus/Sirius implied. Does what it says on the tin.

Ash, Feather, and Flame: PG, Gen. Three ways of seeing Remus Lupin.

Divination: PG, Gen. "I don't see why we have to take Divination at all," Remus said, which was peculiar in itself because Remus actually liked school.

In Another Season: PG, Gen. When the Order met again, after the fall of Voldemort, it was the first time Severus Snape attended, and the last time Remus Lupin did.

Interrogative: PG, Gen. The difference between Severus Snape and Tom Riddle is in the singular question of Why.

Song of Degrees: PG, Gen. They watch over Harry.

Memory And A Dream: PG, Gen. Hermione, at least, noticed him.

Pygmalion: PG, Gen. Harry was stone that summer, hard face, cold eyes; he didn't feel and didn't think anything about anything, or if he did he didn't show it.

The Last Dance: PG. Remus/Tonks. Once upon a time in the X-Files fandom, there was an entire genre devoted to the "annual dance" at which our hero and heroine finally realised they were perfect for each other.

Asleep: PG, Remus/Tonks implied. She liked even less, however, the tired, uncaring look on Remus' face. She saw it too often these days. Inch by inch he was giving up.

Black And Blue: PG, Gen. Yap challenged me to write a fanfic where Remus Lupin was a total and complete ass. I tried as best I could.

Civilised: PG, Gen. Remus Lupin gives up his bed.

I Won't Tell: PG, Gen. Themes of child abuse. Sirius makes a wrong assumption about Remus's scars, but Remus can't bear to correct him when Sirius shows him his own.

You That Have Whetted Consciousness: PG, Gen. Watching Lupin, he uncovers the man's secrets slowly.

Better Than A Bobble Hat: PG, Remus/Sirius. Remus gets everything he asked for on his sixteenth birthday and then some.

The Moon Meadow Anthology: PG, Gen. A series of free-verse poems which began with "When I Come For You", rightfully the first piece I wrote in the Harry Potter fandom.

G Rated

Professor: G, Gen. Remus Lupin, confidence man, gets a job offer.

Owl Post: G, Gen. Harry and Remus exchange letters.

Captain My Own Soul: G, Gen. After his flight at the end of HBP, Draco ends up in a slightly unusual place -- with a very unusual new teacher...

Cheap Philosophy: G, Remus/Snape implied. Remus uses his inheritance wisely.

Kaddish: G, Gen. Remus mourns, even decades later.

Seeker's Match: G, Gen. Harry plays like his life depends on it.

Because I Can: G, Gen. Kungfooqueen did a meme a while back where she advised people to draw or write a shameless Mary Sue self-insertion fic...

Looking Through Harry: G, Gen. There's something that surrounds him. The Dark Lord can probably see it, instead of merely sensing it; it would be the only brightness in his world.

The Other Wolf: G, Gen. Remus is not that wolf.

Harry Potter Longfic:
All posts also link to the fic at AO3.

Sweet Home: R, Remus/OFC, Remus/OMC. Chronicling the twelve lost years between the night Remus Lupin's friends were slaughtered and the day he came back to Hogwarts.

Amid My Solitude: R, Remus/Tonks. After the death of Sirius Black, Remus and Tonks grow closer together as Remus takes over leadership of the Order of the Phoenix.

Acts Infernal:: PG-13, Gen. Harry attempts to harrow Hell to get Sirius back; he didn't count on Draco coming along, or the helpful young spirit guide named Tom Riddle. (This fic is only available at AO3.)

Year In The Life: PG-15, Remus/Minerva. Over the year Remus taught at Hogwarts, he and Minerva McGonagall built something fragile and lovely.

Three Galleons: R, Snape/Hermione, Snape/Hermione/Remus. After the war, Hermione has settled into a quiet if unorthodox life with Severus -- until a small problem in the form of a refugee spy calls for an even more unorthodox solution.

Cartographer's Craft: R, Harry/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione. When a young Sirius Black is resurrected from the Marauder's Map, the Order has to decide what to do with him -- and Harry has to decide how he feels about it. Alternate Universe version of book seven.

Stealing Harry
All Stealing Harryverse fics are also available here at AO3.

Stealing Harry: R, Remus/Sirius, Alternate Universe. If Sirius Black had missed Peter Pettigrew the day Harry's parents were killed, life might be very different...
ePubs of Stealing Harry are available from Chandri (containing all 'verse files) and from Deinera (containing only Stealing Harry). There is also a mobi version of it available from Mickawber-fics.

Tales From The River House:
Russian Literature: PG, gen. Harry copes with death in his own way.
Fever Dream: PG, Remus/Sirius. Remus, delirious, catches a glimpse of another world.
Birds, Bees, and Snakes: Harry, sex ed, and his two dads.
Lessons In Hiding: Draco, PG. Mentions of child neglect/abuse. Draco learned early how to hide.
Bullfinch's Mythology: PG, Snape/Tonks. Severus and Dora are circling each other, trying to decide what their story will be.
Eclipse: PG, Snape/Tonks. The moon does funny things to people.

Laocoon's Children: R, Remus/Sirius, Snape/Tonks, some canon ships. Laocoon's Children follows the Stealing Harry alternate universe through Harry's school years, paralleling the canon. Please be aware that this story is unfinished and unlikely to be completed; years 1 and 2 are complete, year 3 is nearly complete, and I have posted notes regarding years 4-7.

Marvel and DC Comics

Marvel (Film and Comics Verses)
(All Marvel fics are available at AO3)

The Best Bad Ideas: R, Clint/Coulson. When Clint Barton put on the Captain America costume for a mission, he didn't count on Phil Coulson's reaction. Coulson didn't count on Clint crashing his new team to do something about it.

If I Don't Wake Up Dead: R, Clint/Steve. Clint Barton -- subby, ex-carnie white trash, spy -- isn't the kind of guy Captain America goes for. Nobody informed Captain America of this.

Dummy's First Christmas: G, Steve/Tony. Weird and comfortable aren't mutually exclusive; Steve Rogers is going to do exactly what he wants this Christmas. (Set in Scifigrl47's Tales Of The Bots 'verse.)

Angry Genius White Noise: PG, Tony/Pepper. One of Pepper’s favorite activities after a long day is putting on sci-fi movies and watching Tony dissect their bad science. He’ll happily spend two hours curled up against her and ranting about the flawed central plan in Armageddon and how REALLY, HE HOPES AN ASTEROID HEADS FOR EARTH, HE’LL SHOW HOLLYWOOD HOW TO REALISTICALLY AVOID AN EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT, DAMMIT.

Coulson's Eleven: PG-13; Tony/Pepper, hints at Natasha/Loki. After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'...

Interdimensional Incidents: R, Steve/Sif. When Steve Rogers saw Sif of Asgard chop a Frost Giant's head off, love was sure to follow. It's just your typical Boy Meets Goddess story.

I Shall Not Want Honour In Heaven: PG, Peggy Carter/Gabriel Jones. Peggy Carter's life after the war: Howard Stark, Gabriel Jones, SHIELD, and a little boy named Nicholas.

Captain Marvelous: PG-13, Clint Barton/Carol Danvers. Clint and Carol have an understanding when it comes to sex.

Hawkeye And Anklebiter: G, Clint/Coulson. Clint wants to give his kid the world. Isobel's not complicated; she'll settle for a couple of superheroes and a train set.

Exclusive: PG, canon background ships. Heroes In Manhattan: From Captain America's Hidden Talents To The Truth About The Hulk, We Debunk The Myths And Expose The Daily Lives Of The Avengers.

Hard Rock Swing: R, Steve/Tony. It turns out, in the 21st century, Steve's best friend is an eighteen-year-old genius named Tony Stark. This might be trouble.

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do: R, Steve/Tony. The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing, and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There's a dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city's legal system is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has taken more than a passing interest in him.

Feed The Body, Nourish The Soul: PG, Gen. Steve Rogers just wanted to sell good, nourishing, cheap food from his food truck. Now the crazy fusion chefs from TOBRU are calling him a hipster, the avant garde restaurant "Shield" across the street has declared war on chains, and...well, then there's Thor, who thinks Steve's habit of licking food is weird.

Five Times Bucky Got Permission: PG-13, Bucky/Natasha, Bucky/Steve. People keep trying to tell Bucky something, and he's getting very confused.

The Most Amazing Things: R, Steve/Tony. Tony's decision not to reveal his identity as Iron Man to the world was shrewd and calculated. Too bad it's about to backfire on him like a Jericho missile.

Free to Good Home: PG, Gen. "You're an Avenger now, kid, you do what you want."

Christkindlfuckup: PG, Gen. Clint and Natasha ruin Christmas.

See You In Homeroom: PG, Gen. Rhodey wants heat-seeking bullets, Steve wants to go for a run, Natasha wants french toast, and Tony just wants to be prom queen.

Robot Trip: PG-13, Tony/Pepper. Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?

The Tongues Of Men And Angels: PG, Tony/Pepper. Extremis has a few unexpected benefits.

Arms And The Man: R, Avengers (Movieverse). His best friend keeps cockblocking him, his relationship guru is a computer, and he might be gay. The future is very complicated.

Homefront: R, Steve/Tony. Steve Rogers is a capable leader, a kind and cheerful man, a good friend, a strong role model, and a loyal soldier. He's also teetering on the edge of suicide.

Trickster: G, Gen. It occurs to Loki that the man who keeps the hounds has even less to fear than the hounds themselves.

Extremely Hot And Currently Female: R, Tony/Loki. Tony knows he shouldn't sleep with Loki, it's just sometimes he's drunk and she's female and he forgets why. There is also a sequel, The Epic Of T. Stark Lokason, Adventurer.

A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century: R, Steve/Tony. Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it.

Epilogue: PG-13, Gen. After the fighting is over, then come the hot baths, ice packs, resurrection from the dead, political maneuvering, and happy endings (not like that, Tony).

Moving The Furniture: R, Steve/Natasha. Steve thinks about sex a lot, and he'd like to have some, if he could just stop being an idiot around the people he'd like to have it with.

Film Studies: PG-13, Gen-ish. Steve Rogers is no stranger to the silver screen.

Ironsides: R, Steve/Tony. Antonia Carter Stark takes no shit and no prisoners. There is also a coda, Trustworthy.

Secret Identities: PG-13, Gen. Everyone has a part of themselves that others don't always get to see.

Handler: PG, Gen. There are some staff changes going on at SHIELD.

Black AmEx: PG, Gen. Bruce isn't sure he wants to use a credit card Tony gave him. Steve isn't sure he even knows how.

Better to Reign in Hell: PG-13, Gen. Loki has known since childhood that he was Jotun. He's been told all his life that he was a fosterling sent to Asgard to cement the bonds between their realms. He's been led to believe one day he would ascend the throne of Jotunheim. Loki has been lied to.

The Photograph: PG, Gen. Steve had body-modesty trained out of him in boot camp, and apparently his attitude is infectious.

Iron Men: R, Tony/Steve. When a second Tony Stark slips through from an alternate universe, Steve suddenly finds his hands very full.

After The End: PG-13, Bruce/Betty. “You looking for someone?” “A friend. My friend Bruce. I came here to find him.”.

American Patrol: R, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy, Steve/Tony. Steve has had three great loves in his life. None of them are what you might call normal.

Transfer Students: PG, Gen. Five times the Avengers pawned kids off on the Jean Grey School.

At Tilde: G, Gen. Matilda turns hacker, impresses Tony Stark, and fails to be swayed by Charles Xavier.

A Real Party: PG, Gen. "Perry White and I are both older than we deserve and we didn't get where we are in the world today by being nice boys."

DC Comics
(All DC Comics fics are available at AO3)

Fake Empires: PG-13, Clark/Bruce. Bruce Wayne can't possibly be as dumb as he acts, and Clark Kent isn't as ordinary as he appears.

Victory Bonds: PG, Clark/Lois. The year is 1947, and Daily Planet front-pagers Clark Kent and "Louis" Lane are about to get the story of their careers, courtesy of the fledgling Justice League: the enigmatic Superman, the spy-turned-vigilante codenamed Bat, intelligence agent and newly minted Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Ambassador Diana, Princess of Themyscira.

White Collar Fanfic
(All fics are also available at AO3.)

Exquisite: NC-17 (language and sexual content), Peter/Neal/Elizabeth. There's a place in Neal Caffrey's head where he doesn't have to lie to himself or be three steps ahead of the other guy, but so far only Peter has found it -- and Peter won't give him what he really wants. Elizabeth, meanwhile, is slowly adjusting to the idea of abetting felons...

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled: R, Peter/Neal predominantly; Alternate Unvierse. In another universe, Peter Burke went corporate. He wouldn't have met Neal Caffrey -- except Neal tried to rob his company. And Peter, naturally, caught him.

Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora": PG (language), Gen (Peter/Elizabeth background). A routine investigation into an art theft turns up Neal's fingerprints on a stolen painting. Neal swears he's never stolen a Nullier painting, but that's only half the truth.

A Long, Strange Story: PG-13 (language), some Neal/Kate. Stealing from the Illuminati can be problematic.

Four Meals: PG-13, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth. Eros, Philios, and Agape are three Greek terms generally used to refer to romantic, familial, and spiritual love. Anam Cara is drawn from Irish Gaelic tradition, and translates roughly to "Friend of the soul".

Bankrobber: R, Peter/Elizabeth. Peter robbed a bank, Elizabeth stole a painting, crazy hotel sex couldn't be far behind.

The Seven Man Con: PG-13, canon ships only. Neal still dreams of the big cons -- but now they have a familiar cast of characters.

I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy: R (sexual content), Neal/Mozzie. Mozzie has a thing for safehouses and arrogant young con men. Neal has a thing for Mozzie.

Neal Caffrey Versus The BBC: PG, gen. Neal has a lead on a priceless work of art he wants to recover, and he needs Peter's help.

Eternal Springtime: PG-13, Peter/El/Neal. Neal's spent thirty years dreaming about snowball fights.

Never Leave A Trace: R, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth. Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.

Horse Thieves And Mathematicians: PG-13, Gen. Peter was sixteen when he met Reese Hughes for the first time. It may have made an impression.

Keep Calm and Carry Crowbars: PG, Gen. Someone stole billions of dollars in art from Vincent Adler. Neal didn't do it, but he's about to find out who did.

Safety Meeting: PG, Diana/Christie, P/E/N. Jones and Diana talk shop, promotions, politics, and the sex lives of their colleagues during the weekly Friday Night Safety Meeting.

Radio Play: R, Peter/El/Neal. Neal forgot to turn off his audio transmitter before engaging in some personal business. Well, "forgot"...

In The Meantime: G, Gen. It takes a village to raise David Burke.

The Art Of The Ask: G, Peter/El background. Fundraising Neal Caffrey style might be exhausting, but it's never going to be boring.

The Hired Man: PG-13, Peter/El/Neal, AU. Peter Burke, ex-FBI agent, met Neal Caffrey, thief, during a bar fight.

Life Noir: R; Nick Halden/Vincent Adler; Nick Halden/Kate Moreau. Noir is popularly defined as a genre "in which no one is innocent".

White Collar crossovers:

I Was Only Borrowing Time (I Was Going To Put It Back): PG, Gen; White Collar/Doctor Who crossover. They haven't exactly met in linear order, Neal and the Doctor, but sometimes that makes for the best kind of friendship.

Paper Chase: PG-13 (language, violence), Gen; White Collar/Sherlock crossover. One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet...(see also the beta commentary for this story.)

Rematch: PG-13, Gen. Neal and Sherlock's rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference -- until Neal's tracker went dark. (Sequel to Paper Chase.)

Lost Loves: PG, Gen. Neal knows a very sad story about a thief and a sailor. Peter's still stuck on pirates. This is a crossover but to explain the other fandoms would seriously ruin everything.

Five AUs Sam Didn't Write: PG. These are five White Collar AUs that could have been long fics, but aren't. One crossover, two alternate histories, and two alternate realities.

Suits Fanfic
(All Suits fics also available at AO3.)

Homicide Love: NC-17, Mike/Harvey. Mike has been waiting all his life for someone who understands -- but Harvey might care too much to survive. (Contains gore/cannibalism; please check full warnings in header before reading!)

Come Go With Me: PG, Suits. Harvey started out in the mail room, but Jessica's always been good at spotting potential.

Quarantine: PG-13, Suits. After a client pukes on Mike and dies, Pearson Hardman is put under quarantine. Mike ends up in Harvey's office watching Inherit The Wind -- at least until Harvey notices something is wrong...

Or Down You Fall: R, Suits. Drug testing at Pearson Hardman does not have its desired preventative effect. (Sex, drugs, and a little bit of Soul.)

God's And Satan's Brood: R, Suits/American Psycho crossover. Sean and Patrick Bateman just want Harvey to be part of the family.

Discworld Fanfic
All Discworld fanfic is also available at AO3.

Schoolboy: G, Gen. Sam's just a schoolboy.

The Carving Lesson: PG, Gen. John Keel leaves Sam Vimes a legacy.

The Fire: PG, implied Vimes/Sybil. A fire in the city brings everyone together, even if only briefly.

The Birthday Present: G, Gen. Vetinari gets the best birthday present ever.

Glue And Balsa: G, Gen. Vetinari looks after his friend.

A Meeting Of Kings: PG, Gen. The king of dwarves meets the king of Ankh-Morkpork under quite peculiar circumstances.

Real: G, Gen. Reality is relative.

Dinner at Sarnoff's and The Proposal: PG, Vimes/Sybil. Two ways the proposal could have happened.

Curtains: G, Vimes/Sybil. Domesticity looms.

The Piecemaker: PG, Gen. Detritus has invented a new and intriguing way of totally destroying his enemies.

Bloodline: G, Gen. Sam Vimes knows his own bloodline.

The Great Morporkian Pastime: G, Gen. There's a new game in Ankh-Morpork.

Patterns: PG-13, Gen. Vimes sees patterns in everything.

Owed: PG-13, Vimes/Rosie, Vimes/Sybil. Vimes owes Rosie more than money.

Maybe It's The Uniform: PG, Vimes/Sybil. Vimes isn't really sure why he's suddenly so desirable.

Either Way: PG, hint of Vimes/Vetinari if you squint. Ankh Morpork has burned many times before.

The Policeman's Ball: PG, Gen. Someone is after Captain Carrot, but it's hard to investigate a crime in the middle of a party.

The Mare: PG-13, Sam/Sybil. Everyone dreams.

Defender of the Crown: PG, Gen. Pseudopolis needs a king, and they want Sam Vimes.

Some Buggers: PG, Gen. Some buggers just won't stay down.

The Philosophy of Romance: PG, Vimes/DeWord (sort of). Carrot spies on Vimes, who's having a romance with de Worde, and it's not really anything like it sounds.

Changes: G, Gen. Things have changed for Sam Vimes, but perhaps that's not a bad thing.

Transformations: PG, Vimes/Angua. Vimes, trying to regain his footing as a guard captain after the death of Sybil Ramkin at the hands of the Dragon, begins to fall for the new werewolf on the squad...

Fireworks: PG-13, Remus/Angua. Discworld/Harry Potter crossover. Remus Lupin gets a little lost in the Discworld, and meets someone who really gets him.

(Well, longerfic. Than what is above.)

In The Blood: PG-13, Gen. Sam Vimes's hatred of lycanthropy is suddenly much more personal than he ever expected.

Dame Rumour: PG, Vetinari/OFC. Belief is important. With enough belief, you can shape the world.

A Room Vith A View: PG-13, Vetinari/Margolotta. Vetinari and Margolotta's first meeting is educational for them both.

The Patrician's Papers: PG-13, Vetinari/Margolotta. Vetinari and Margolotta rekindle an old flame, in several different ways.

Ouran Fics:
(All Ouran fics are available at AO3.)

The Brilliant Find A Date For Kyouya Plan: PG, Tamaki/Kyouya, Haruhi/Mori. Due to a HILARIOUS MISHAP, Tamaki thinks Haruhi's in love with Kyouya, and can't be having with that.

Taijitu: PG-13, Tamaki/Kyouya. The only music in the Ohtori household is what Tamaki brings there.

Games of Risk: PG, Kyouya/Renge. Kyouya likes playing games, but he needs a goodpartner.

Keep The Customer Satisfied: PG, Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya Renge. Kyouya likes to keep his customers satisfied.

Viola Grown: G, Kyouya -> Haruhi. Haruhi has grown up, and her university professors try to puzzle her out.

Pirates of the Caribbean
(All PotC fics are available at AO3.)

The Queen's Pride: PG, Will/Elizabeth/Jack. Domestic bliss was tempting, but not enough to keep them from the sea.

Baubles: PG-13, Jack/Will, Jack/Bootstrap. Jack Sparrow takes mementos.

No Truth At All: PG, gen. Jack Sparrow narrowly escapes marriage.

Willful Commission: PG, Will/Elizabeth (background). Uncle Jack Sparrow has a lot of stories for Emily and Ellen Turner.

Need: PG-13, Norrington/Will. James Norrington will have Will Turner, no matter the cost.

Sherlock Holmes
(All Sherlock Holmes fics are available at AO3)

The Rational Mind. PG-13, Holmes/Watson; Classic canon. Watson has not entirely left the war behind him, but Holmes doesn't care.

Finder's Fee: PG, Gen; Sherlock BBC canon. Repatriating a priceless cultural artefact shouldn't involve housebreaking, handcuffs, or John Watson. But it does, and it's still the right thing to do.

Lab Book: R, Sherlock/John; Sherlock BBC canon. "The likelihood of finding a cab on Christmas Eve is fast approaching nil." "So was the likelihood of you kissing me in the middle of the pavement, and yet."

It's Not The Violin: R (violence), Gen; Sherlock BBC canon. Somewhere between Alejandro and the fistfight, John Watson became someone Sherlock Holmes would kill for.

Paper Chase: PG-13 (language, violence), Gen; White Collar/Sherlock BBC crossover. One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet...(see also the beta commentary for this story.)

Rematch: PG-13, Gen. Neal and Sherlock's rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference -- until Neal's tracker went dark. (Sequel to Paper Chase.)

Lord Peter Wimsey
(All Lord Peter Wimsey fics also available at AO3.)

The Lost Chord: G, Gen. Bunter understands his Lordship's moods, but he is a born photographer.

Investigating: PG-13, Peter/Charles. When Peter is arrested in a nightclub of dubious distinction, Charles isn't sure what to do.

The Secret Library: PG-13, Peter/Harriet. Harriet's worried about combining their libraries; Peter's worried about what she might find.

Devil Took The Soldier Boy: PG-13, Gen. Aziraphael and Crowley make a bet, with the soul of Lord Peter Wimsey at stake. (Post also links to the fic at AO3.)

Stargate Atlantis
(All SGA fics also available at AO3.)

Technically: PG, SGA/Torchwood crossover. The Rift has a sense of humour and it's not afraid to use it.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies: Pg, SGA/Torchwood crossover. Ianto neglected to introduce himself as he informed the senior staff that Atlantis was now under the jurisdiction of Torchwood, whatever Torchwood is.

My Home And Native Land: PG, Gen. Ronon's friendship with Chuck, the head Gate Tech of the Atlantis mission, leads him to discover the strange and alien ways of Canadians and helps him lay his past to rest.

Angles Thus And So: R, McKay/Weir, McKay/Sheppard. The city belongs to Sheppard and McKay, and the boys belong to Elizabeth -- especially Rodney.

The Difference Engine: R, Sheppard/McKay, alternate universe. Sheppard remembered dying in Afghanistan, but since he was still walking around he didn't pay that memory too much mind.

Good Omens
(All Good Omens fics, except Corrupted File, are also available at AO3.)

Act of Redemption: G, Gen. After the world failed to end, Crowley got depressed.

Required Reading: G, Gen. Aziraphael has a book recommendation for young demonologists everywhere.

Goodbody: R, Crowley/Aziraphael. Aziraphael's new body is causing some problems.

Risotto and Fishes: G, Gen. Church, and Sunday lunch.

Pity: R, Crowley/Aziraphael. Aziraphael's good deeds don't always look that way.

Commandments: PG-13, Crowley/Aziraphael. It wasn't as though Upstairs actually frowned on actual sex.

Some Strange Race: R, Crowley/Aziraphael. They are a new breed of angel.

Corrupted File: PG-13, Aziraphael/Crowley. Coauthored with Villainny. Aziraphael knew better than to go drinking with Crowley.

That's Why They Call It A Gift: PG-13 (profanity). Black Books/Good Omens crossover. The true story of how Bernard Black acquired his bookshop.

Devil Took The Soldier Boy: PG-13, Gen. Good Omens/Lord Peter Wimsey. Aziraphael and Crowley have a bet, with Lord Peter's soul as the stakes.

House, MD
(All House MD fics are also available at AO3.)

Synchronicity: R, House/Wilson. Dead patients, car wrecks, drug overdoses, journalists, Comatose Charlie, and orange chicken. Must be love.

Douglas: PG, Gen, House MD/? Crossover. House has a secret that isn't as funny as Wilson thinks it is.

Challenge: G, House MD/Harry Potter crossover. House has a weird coma case on his desk and a crazy guy in his clinic rounds.

Can't Last: G, House/Stacey. Stacy knows it can't last. Vignette-length. Set pre-infarction.

I Don't Have To Like Him: PG-13, Gen. House is Cuddy's donor. That doesn't mean...well, you know.

Three Hires: PG, Gen. The hiring of the Ducklings, through Chase's point of view.

Karma: G, Gen. House didn't fail his medical boards, he just had more important things to think about.

The Shortest Distance: R, House/Cameron. After losing a patient, everyone reacts differently; Foreman writes charts, Chase does Sudoku, Wilson goes to the movies, and Cameron kisses Greg House.

Ten Dollar Bet: PG-13, House/Wilson. Someone thinks there's hanky panky going on at the hospital. An investigative team...investigates.

Brotherly Love: PG, Gen. House wants to fix things he can't, for the first time in a long time.

(All Heroes fics are also available at AO3.)

Cagaran Gaolach: PG-13, Gen. He didn't know if he would disappear like the Invisible Woman in the comics, or if he'd disappear completely and stop existing. This is quite the existential dilemma for your average six-year-old.

Seven Long Years: PG-13, Gen. "I think if Claude had still been in Claire's life, he would have been someone she could go to about this, and as soon as she did, he'd have started a ball in motion to conceal her. It'd make a great AU."

Close Encounter: G, Gen, Heroes/Doctor Who crossover. Hiro has a meeting of the minds.

The Hiatus Continuations: PG-13, multiple ships with Claire/OMC and Peter/Claude (preslash) predominating. I decided to boycott the Hiatus and wrote this conclusion to S1 to fill in the long gap.

Miscellaneous Fandoms
All posts also contain links to the fics at AO3.

Welcome To Night Vale: Pas De Deux: NC-17, Cecil/Carlos. Cecil has an unexpected bonus. In his pants.

Nero Wolfe: The End. PG13, Gen. How the story ends -- and maybe continues.

Eureka: The Historian: PG. Dr. Grant is a very pretty mystery, until suddenly he's not.

Life On Mars: Absolute Beginners. R (sex and language), Sam/Annie, Sam/Hunt. Sam is starving for sex, any sex he can get -- but only with a limited number of options, and only when the time is right.

Life on Mars: The Man Who Sold The World. PG-13, Sam/Gene. One night he wakes up, 'cos the telly's on, and Sam's not there.

Studio 60: Meeting The Constituents. PG, Gen. Matt and Danny have very vocal fans and very unkind co-workers.

Studio 60: Status. R, Matt/Danny, Matt/Harrie, Danny/Jordan. Matt and Danny have very complicated lives, but they have big hats, too.

Studio 60: Nine Six. PG-13, Gen. The worst happens. But you have to laugh. You have to.

Pushing Daisies: Wish. G, Gen. Ned still believes that if you blow out all the candles you might get your wish.

CSI/Dexter: Meeting of the Minds. PG, Gen. Gil Grissom meets a young forensics expert from Miami and uncovers an intriguing puzzle.

NCIS/Dexter: Style. PG-13 for gore and violence. Dexter makes a friend.

NCIS: Good Boy. R for violence. Tony needs Gibbs. Gibbs has his uses for Tony, too.

Supernatural: The Ten Commandments Don't Apply To Angels. PG-13, Castiel/Dean. Dean keeps insisting Castiel do things that humans do; sometimes Castiel is grateful for this, and sometimes...not so much.

Southland: Protective Custody. PG-13, Gen. Fuck you, Cooper likes saving people.

Southland: Ben Sherman And The Lion: PG-13 (profanity). Ben and Cooper get a home invasion call that turns out to be a little more than Ben bargained for.

Merlin: Advisor To The King: R, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Gwen. Arthur is king, and change is in the wind.

Merlin: Harry Of The Caves: PG. Merlin doesn't trust this new tournament knight at all. He probably has good reason.

Merlin: Oh What A Show: PG, Merlin/Arthur, Gwaine/Ragnell. Circus Camelot has a building it doesn't own, a trick rider who just ran off to do panto, and a serious sponsor problem. Fortunately, it also has Merlin Emrys, master illusionist, and Arthur Pendragon, prince of tumblers.

Multifandom: Half A Dozen Laconic Bastards: PG-13 (language), gen, multi-crossover (Stargate: Atlantis, White Collar, Eureka, Teen Titans, and Torchwood). John Sheppard didn't know he was part of an ATA-gene cloning project until it was much, much too late. Neal and Zane have a serious case of sibling rivalry, Ianto and Tim don't like the uniforms, and Gwen isn't sure she wants to be leader after all.

Multifandom: The Royal Society. PG, Gen. Torchwood/Discworld/Nero Wolfe/Lord Peter/Harry Potter/SGA/Jeeves&Wooster/Sherlock Holmes. It's just a quiet game of poker among colleagues.

Multifandom: Hydrocodone Midnight Theatre: G through R, multi ships. This is a compendium of the "Hydrocodone Midnight Theatre" posts I did while I was recovering from surgery in late November. Essentially I would sit up after my folks went to bed and write fanfic to various prompts while tripping out on my (prescribed!) painkillers.

The Dead Zone: I'm Having A Vision. PG-13, Bruce->Johnny. Bruce knew he was in trouble when Sara mistook his date for Johnny.

Sharpe's Rifles: Fever. R, Sharp/Harper. Harper takes care of Sharpe.

All also available at AO3

Torchwood and Doctor Who

John Versus The Volcano: R, John Barrowman/Scott Gill. Scott's stuck on the far side of the Atlantic, John's miserable in Los Angeles, and the sex has never been better.

Art Lesson: PG-13, John Barrowman/Scott Gill. They're both artists, in their own way.

Four People David Tennant Didn't Have Sex With And One He Did, Sort Of: PG-13, David Tennant/Multiple (Sort Of). If he could just get people to seduce him on a regular basis instead of the other way round, things would go much easier.

Close Your Eyes And Think Of England: PG, Gen. Torchwood and Doctor Who actors. "Oh, are we talking about slash again?"

On The Run From The Lunar Mafia: PG, Gen. Gareth David-Lloyd's quiet evening is interrupted by time travel. And robots.

The Boxing Day Doctor Who Marathon: R, David Tennant/John Barrowman. John Barrowman has a mid-life crisis. David Tennant has an unhealthy obsession. Both of them have Boxing Day off.


Make It Pop: PG-13 (sexual content), Matt Bomer/Tim DeKay. "Tim's going to do it" is going to get Matt Bomer in trouble some day.

The Book We'll Never See. G, Gen. JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett have a quiet drink down the pub.

Abandoned Work
These are abandoned works in progress which are unlikely to ever be finished.

Works No Longer In Progress, 2012 and Works No Longer In Progress, 2013: G through R rating, multifandom. Various works I have started but no longer feel compelled to complete.

Harry Potter and the Legion of Ghosts: PG, Harry/Ginny. Please note this story is unfinished and likely to remain so. Four years after the events of Deathly Hallows, people have begun to move on, even to forget. For one young soldier of the war, however, the past he laid to rest has begun to resurface...

Unfinished Business: PG, Gen, House/Grey's Anatomy crossover. House wreaks havoc in Seattle Grace Hospital. Please note this is unfinished and likely to remain so.

Nothing Constant. PG, Gen. Hellblazer/Lovejoy/Sandman/LPW crossover. Everyone wants the book of dreams, but only John Constantine can find it -- with a little help from a Divvy named Lovejoy and a Lord named Wimsey.

The Regency HP Fic: G, Gen. Jane Austen meets Harry Potter. Unfinished, and liable to stay that way.

Wolves At The Door: G, Gen. Harry Potter/Peter Wimsey crossover. When Auror Investigator Potter's hands are legally tied in the case of an Oxford professor accused of murder, the elegant and inquisitive Draco Malfoy is asked to investigate. Unfinished and likely to stay that way.


Warnings: All one-off stories and the first-chapter of multi-chapter stories should contain a warning field in the header. "Warnings: None" means that I cannot think of any triggers the story would set off. If there is no warning header, please let me know. If you have questions about any of the stories, please feel free to contact me, copperbadge at gmail, or leave a comment on this post.

I've marked these to the best of my ability but if you find yourself triggered, I apologise. Please let me know so I can add a warning as appropriate.

Ratings: I've tried to rate with fandom's general idea of what ratings mean in mind. If you feel I've rated something in extreme error (G for an R-rated fic, for example) please let me know.

Criticism: Is always welcome, including pointing out typos, broken links, and factual errors as well as criticism of characterisation, plot, &etc.