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Your challenge is: Pick any of the objects braided/knotted/glued by dead creature juice into Jack's hair. How did Jack come by 'em? Elaborate.
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.

The Hair Baubles

When he was out drinking -- or in drinking -- or around, drinking -- or when he was out pillaging, or whoring, or in doing any of the preceding, or around doing any of them at all, or perhaps when he was doing all of the above with a vigour that would have exhausted some men half his age, Jack Sparrow was happy to spin a yarn. Often it involved what Will Turner's father-in-law would have referred to as his dubious sartorial splendor.

But what really interested the drinkers and the whores and even many of those he'd pillaged -- curious people amused him, and survived his pillages far better than hystericals or ill-timed heroes -- was his hair.

Specifically, what was in his hair, and he didn't mean the many small insects who placidly shared his existence.

He used to tell the men he drank with that he'd a bit of bead or shell or decoration from every man he'd ever killed. When they pointed out that this wasn't, really, all that many, he'd reply that one of the baubles was the key to a box in which were several dozen buttons from Royal Navy and East India Company uniforms. This was always good for a laugh and sometimes good for a round of drinks.

He told the whores that the decorations were islander magic, and if he were robbed or cheated they'd work a powerful charm against the villain who dared lay a hand on Captain Jack Sparrow. This did ensure that he always got a fair price, and very rarely had his pocket picked while his trousers were off.

He told the curious victims of his thefts that they were gifts from the whores. This tended to impress the men and frighten the women, which was his whole motivation in the first place.

"What are they?" Will Turner had once asked. Jack had grinned his gold-toothed grin.

"Gifts. Well, more like, mementos," was all he said.

When he rose to leave the sleeping Will that night, he paused long enough to cover the man before pulling on his clothes and effects, and preparing to leave. He sailed at dawn.

As he leaned over, one of the baubles caught the candlelight and reflected it against the wall; it had fallen off and been re-strung many times. A small tarnished coin.

He picked up his knife and walked to where Will's clothing lay in a heap. Bending, he took the sleeve, examining it. The link holding the cuff had a swordsman's guild mark on it. Good enough.

He tucked the link in his pocket, glanced back at the sleeping Will as he had at a sleeping Boostrap a dozen years ago, and left. As he went, he fixed the small link between two beads. He knew he couldn't really feel the weight of it, but he fancied he could.

Spoils of conquest, Bootstrap had always called it. Jack grinned as he made his way towards the Pearl.

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I ought to feel accomplished for being your first comment...

Good story by the way, as always you catch the characters voice in a way that some writers never can. I really must say I ought to build a shrine to you. ^_^

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Gods...that was

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*bows before the awesome*