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The Library Morning; R, Remus/Bill, PWP

Summary: When Bill Weasley came back from Egypt, Remus realised who'd gotten all the good genes in the family.
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.


When Bill Weasley came back from Egypt, Remus realised who'd gotten all the good genes in the family.

The Weasleys weren't ugly, as a family, by any means. Even Ginny had a certain vivacious charm to her. But Arthur had a face like a friendly gargoyle and Molly was, like Ginny, more pretty than beautiful. Bill, on the other hand...

God, he was tall. And unlike the other Weasleys, he didn't freckle. The Egyptian sun had turned his skin a smooth brown colour and shaded his hair more golden than red, bleaching it until only the roots were still true. He had green eyes that positively glowed, and calloused hands, the smooth worn skin rubbing against Lupin's when they shook in greeting.

"Heard our Ron talking all about you," Bill said. "Good to see you in the flesh, Lupin."

"Likewise. None of the youngsters ever stop talking about you and Charlie," Remus replied, holding Bill's grip for perhaps a half-second longer than necessary. A mild shock had gone through him when he'd felt Bill's work-rough hand in his, the sort of thing he hadn't felt that quickly for anyone in a long, long time...

Of course he'd been the picture of the sober, quiet, hardworking Order man at the time, he was never anything else. Later he allowed his cheeks to flush, his heart to speed a little at the memory of Bill's hand, Bill's luminous green eyes. But later, when he was unnoticed in the back of the meeting.

It didn't bother him, particularly, as the weeks passed; it was nice to get a thrill at seeing a handsome man. He'd thought he was beyond infatuation or pure, blunt, physical attraction. He'd thought he was too...busy, and tired, and had too many griefs in his past.

He didn't intend to do anything about it, of course, other than perhaps some really very personal meditations on the subject of Bill Weasley's arse. It wasn't that Bill was much younger than he -- six years, that was all -- but he was fairly certain Bill was gone on that Delacour girl, and even if he hadn't been, it was unwise to disrupt things. Remus was a great believer in organisation and stability, and not upsetting the status quo.

Bill, on the other hand, was young, and had not yet been pitched to the ground by the results of upsetting the status quo. Bill didn't know any better.

"Remus, don't move."

Remus, who'd been sprawled comfortably on a couch in the library, reading the Sunday edition of the Daily Prophet with one elbow propped on the arm -- nobody was about on Sundays, except Sirius, who never got up before noon -- very carefully stopped moving, and flicked his eyes up over the edge of the newspaper.

"What?" he asked, as Bill loomed over him, those bright green eyes roving his face. "I thought we got rid of all the Doxies..."

Bill very carefully took the paper out of his hands, folded it, and laid it aside. Remus watched warily.

"Don't move," he cautioned again, and stepped forward, bending onto the couch, knees coming to rest on either side of Remus' hips, thighs sliding slowly along his. Remus bit down hard on his natural reaction to the close proximity of any body, let alone the extremely well-shaped body of Bill Weasley.

"Bill, what are you doing?" he asked softly. Bill inched forward, and one of those broad, rough hands tipped his chin up a little.

"Remember, don't move," Bill said, and kissed him.

It was easy enough to obey; Remus wasn't sure how to take this serious young man, with his bright eyes and copper hair, straddling his thighs and kissing him. He wasn't about to look a gift-horse in the mouth, however, and he opened his mouth a little, wanting more than chaste kisses, wanting to taste Bill, for as long as this lasted --

"Tch," Bill said, against his lips. "I said not to move."

"But -- "

"Shhh," Bill said, his tongue exploring Remus' mouth, slick and hot and demanding, like the tight hard pressure against his thigh. Remus wanted to pull away and moan a question, but Bill was already answering it, voice vibrating against his skin.

"Think I didn't notice how you looked at me, think I didn't see you watching how I move?" Bill whispered. "Think I didn't know when your eyes were on me? Know how naked you made me feel?"

"Bill, oh..."

"It's not fair, undressing a chap like that," Bill continued, "unless he gets to -- "

Remus cut him off with a moan. Bill's fingers were still on his chin, lifting it further as he worked his lips down the sensitive skin between jaw and throat. He raised one hand to cup the back of Bill's head, the other slipping along his waist, exploring his body, the small of his back.

"I wanted you," Bill said hoarsely, as he slid his tongue over Remus' collarbone. His fingers began unbuttoning the other man's shirt, and where his fingers went his lips followed, even when his hands spread the shirt open and his thumbs slid over Remus' nipples, brushing them gently, sending sparks of pleasure across Remus' vision. "You were a mystery..." Bill continued, drawing small circles on his skin with his mouth. Remus could do no more than moan and run one hand down below the waistband of Bill's trousers, pulling his shirt out and stroking the sensitive skin just above his belt.

"No..." Remus moaned, when Bill's body moved, when the hard heat against his leg slid away and the lips on the skin of his chest vanished for a moment. He clutched tightly, twining his fingers in Bill's hair, finding it smoother, finer than he'd pictured the few nights he'd made Bill the object of his fantasies...

"Yes," Bill corrected, arms resting on Remus' knees as he moved to kneel on the floor. He rubbed his cheek against the trouser leg, giving Remus a smile that went straight to his already considerably hard cock.

He spread his thighs a little, and Bill straightened, nuzzling the soft, tender flesh of his stomach, tongue flicking out along the line of his hip, fingers working busily at the flies. He slid one single finger down the bulge of Remus' erection, and Remus thought he might just die a happy man after all.

"I wanted to solve you," Bill whispered, as Remus raked his fingers through the fine gold-red hair. God, in the middle of the day in the library, Bill Weasley was tormenting him with mouth and hands, taking intimate advantage after only two weeks' acquaintance, really. But he seemed to know exactly how to make him tremble with need, knew all the sensitive places on his body, how he liked a man to kiss his stomach, how he liked hands to tug at the waistband of his trousers...

He arched his hips to help Bill undress him, and the rough rub of his clothing against his cock made him cry out softly. He heard a low chuckle from Bill.

"I wanted to put you together like a puzzle," Bill said quietly, moving his hands over Remus' thighs as he pulled the trousers and underthings off completely. Still fully dressed, he knelt there, head resting against his leg, arm wrapped around his calf, fingers dancing lightly up and down the underside, just below the knee. "So that I could take you apart again..."

Remus, wearing nothing but his unbuttoned, half-off white shirt, whimpered when Bill ducked his head, kissing roughly along his thighs. He could feel the burnished hair brush his skin, could feel warm breath on his cock, he wanted that mouth, wanted Bill to swallow him and move his tongue against him.

Bill lapped gently at his head, tongue rough and warm and stimulating, until Remus let his head fall back and his hips buck. Another soft laugh from Bill, more words against him, spoken very nearly around his cock -- "I wanted to see what you'd look like stripped naked, I wanted to see you writhe while I -- " he broke off then, and Remus moaned loudly as Bill's mouth slid over him, warm and slick, teeth grazing his cock lightly as he went. He bucked his hips again, helplessly, wanting to feel this good forever, wanting it never to end.

He lifted his head and looked down at Bill, twining fingers in his hair to pull him closer, demanding more. He could see the other man's left hand gripping his thigh, fingertips stroking in small, painfully pleasant circles. Bill's other hand was below, his arm moving enough that Remus could tell he was touching himself, and that spoke more eloquently than any of Bill's words -- while he'd been thinking of Bill, those nights, Bill had been thinking of him...

The arousal coiling itself around Remus' cock threatened to overwhelm him, and Bill's tongue, even with Remus in his mouth, was still moving, pressing up against the sensitive underside, in time to his thrusts.

"Yes, Bill," Remus said, moaned really, as Bill began to move faster. "Please, Bill, please..."

Bill moaned around him, and the vibrations made Remus' skin tingle. He did it again and Remus didn't think he could last much longer, but suddenly the tight heat of his mouth was removed and Remus felt the weight of him again, as he moved up for a kiss, trousers open, their cocks rubbing together.

"I wanted to know what you'd look like when you came," Bill said, thrusting against him. His eyes were glowing, pupils dilated with pleasure, and his face was showing a faint flush of effort. Remus tasted his own skin in Bill's mouth as they kissed, eyes still open, cocks hard against each other.

Remus could feel his body tighten and tense, and knew that in another three seconds --


Bill froze.

"Bloody hell," he whispered, as Remus vaguely tried to make sense of the world. "It's mum."

"Bill, are you in here?" Molly Weasley's voice floated in, from the doorway. Both men held their breath. Remus could feel Bill's erection shrinking. Nothing like mum's voice to ruin the moment, he thought ruefully.

"I don't know where he's gone," they heard her tell someone in the hallway, "Probably off working, good lad that he is."

Remus stifled a snort of amusement, badly. The door shut with a click, and they relaxed, slowly.

"Molly Weasley," he said, as Bill dropped his head against his shoulder, shaking with pent-up laughter, "Is going to kill me. Really. One day they'll find me dead, and it'll be her fault, somehow."

"Shouldn't have tried to seduce you in the library," Bill murmured, against his neck. "Sorry..."

"Don't be," Remus answered, stroking his hair. "There's still a few hours left, you know, before I have to be anywhere."

Bill's hand traced Remus' hip, slowly.

"However, much as I enjoy having a handsome man straddling me, Bill..." Remus began, "...I'd really like to get dressed."

Bill turned his head to give him a look of hurt confusion.

"I'm not going to run naked through the corridors of Headquarters to get to my own bed," he continued. "Certainly not when I'm nursing a visible erection and being trailed by Bill Weasley. People might get ideas."

"Ideas?" Bill asked, lips quirking up in a smile. Remus wanted those lips. In very specific places.

"Well they might think I wanted to lock the door and fuck you blind," Remus murmured. "For a start."

Bill nodded, and moved off of him, passing him various articles of clothing.

"Let's go hide from your mother," Remus said with a grin. "And I'll show you exactly how to take me apart..."


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I love them nearly being caught by Molly, it should hapen more often lol. And have I mentioned that I love & adore your Remus? whoever he happens to be paired with. :)
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Permission to translate?

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Hard to find GOOD ic Bill Weasley pr0n-ish fic - may I have permission to translate this into chinese and post it at the chinese equivalent, I will, of course, credit you, sir, and post both your permission slip in original english and translated Chinese, and link back to this post. *bows*