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Wuthering Heights

Rating: R (Remus/Regulus)
Summary: Remus tries to teach Regulus the value of literature.
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.


"Fuck it, I'm not reading this stupid book."

Remus looked up from his own book -- The Count of Monte Cristo, his break from Dark Myths: A Re-examination Of The Psychotropic Supernatural -- and sighed.

"You're the one who wanted to come stay with Sirius for the summer."

"Because I THOUGHT you lot would take me interesting places."

"We have a different definition of 'interesting', Regulus, you ought to know that by now. What is it Sirius told you to read?"

"Wuthering Heights. It's stupid."

Remus nodded. "I agree."

"Just because -- you what?"

"Wuthering Heights. It's idiotic. Read something else."

"I have to read this for fucking Muggle Studies."

"They have a class in fucking muggles now?"

"Funny, Lupin."

Remus leaned forward, so that he was nearly forehead to forehead with Regulus. "Close the book. We need to talk."

"About fucking muggles?"

Remus sighed. "Sirius wanted me to talk to you about the company you keep."

"Listen, Sirius can mind his own damn business. I'm sixteen, I should think I'm a decent judge of character."

"Regulus, he worries about you."

Regulus looked sullen. "He's my brother, that's his job."

"I worry about you."

There was a long pause.

"You do?" Regulus asked.



Remus smiled. "You're a Black. I seem to fall for Blacks."

Regulus lifted his head and caught Remus with one hand on the back of his neck. They were kissing before Remus could properly draw breath, and when he finally managed it, Regulus took the opportunity to edge his tongue into the other man's mouth. Remus moaned, and Wuthering Heights fell to the floor along with The Count of Monte Cristo.

They never made it out of Uncle Alphard's small but cosy library, but that was all right; the leather couch was wide and there was a blanket, which was all they really needed. Regulus, sleepy after what Remus would admit was, bar Sirius, the most mindblowing sex of his life, rested a hand on his chest.

"Tell me what The Count of Monte Cristo is about," he said.

"Muscatel grapes," Remus answered sleepily. His fingers combed through the crisp black hair, shorter than Sirius'.

Sirius, pulling his hair back; Sirius with his lips on Remus' neck. "If you can't win him over with logic, he wants you," Sirius had said. "You could fuck him over to the side of good."

Remus wondered. He had conquered Sirius; Regulus was not so easily won.

Regulus might conquer him.

"Grapes?" Regulus asked. "That's fucking stupid."

Remus laughed a little as Regulus slid his hand down his abdomen, stroking and exploring.

"It's about love," he said into Regulus' mouth. "And betrayal. I'll tell you later."
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Guh also.

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Loved the premise, but Remus has crap taste in literature: Wuthering Heights is brilliant, and easily the funniest book written by any of the Brontes.

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Is this really saying anything?