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Close Encounter. G, Heroes crossover.

Title: Close Encounter
Rating: G
Notes: Crossover Heroes fic, but saying what the cross is would kind of spoil the surprise. Short short, just a double-drabble.
Warnings: None.

First Posted 3/29/07

Also available at AO3.


When Hiro stopped time in the bar because someone was about to spill her drink, one person didn't stop.

In the complete silence between the seconds he heard movement. There was a perplexed noise and a man emerged from the crowd.

"Hullo," the man said, cocking his head.

"Hello," Hiro said cautiously.

"Nice party. Got a bit dull just now, though. Your doing, I suppose?" the man jerked his thumb at the frozen people in the middle of the bar.

"So sorry...never left anyone unfrozen before," Hiro apologised.

"Not surprised. Time's a tricky thing," the man said. "You do know how to restart all this again, I hope."

"Oh, yes," Hiro said. "Was just...fixing this drink."

He grasped the drink, carefully righted it, and nodded his head. The bar burst to life again, and the woman with the nearly-spilled-drink breathed a relieved sigh.

"Hiya," said the man, dipping his head at the woman. "Buy you a drink?" he asked Hiro.

"Thank you!" Hiro said, and signalled for two beers.

"To time," said the man.

"To time!" Hiro said, and drank. When he was done, he held out his hand. "My name is Hiro Nakamura. I bend time and space."

The man shook it, laughing. "They call me the Doctor."

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But insane fangirls want to know. Which Doctor?! ;)

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Well, I was constricted by Drabble structure, I didn't have time to put in a bit about buzzcut hair and giant ears. :D

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That’s what the deuce-and-a-half is for. ;D

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It could have been the doctor who is now on the show.

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Not a huge fan of Doctor Who, but enough to recognize him when I see him. It was Doctor Who, wasn't it?

I love Hiro, though. He's so cute I just want to hug him! I really need to get caught up on episodes.

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Yep, definitely was Doctor Who :)
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He's almost NEVER referred to as "Doctor Who" in dialogue, only in the credits. On the show itself, he's always just "The Doctor."

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Yeah, I know. Mostly I like to see where people have worked him in to other fics in a clever crossover.

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Very cool! I love how neither of them is really surprised.

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I want more Hiro and Nine adventures. I want to see Hiro's face when he sees the Tardis. Whoosh! :D

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wah, I need more heroes

I'm going over to my friend's house on sunday to watch more

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Ahhhh! I want more of this story! That was awesome.

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Awesome. I guessed who it was, so I heard all of the Doctor's lines in Christopher Eccleston's voice as I read it. The dialogue perfectly fit his incarnation of the Doctor.

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Thanks! It's hard to nail it in so few words, but I was pretty proud of it.

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Eh, it could have been Paul McGann as well.

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ahahah, I suspected as soon as I saw that you didn't want to reveal who it was, and then I was definitely certain when the guy was so nonchalant about it. I know you're not huge on Doctor Who, but I wouldn't mind a few more short little things like this about the Doctor, with or without Hiro :D

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"What is this?"

"It's a TARDIS."

"Big blue box?"

"That's right."

"What's it do?"

"Bends time and space..."

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Yay! Hiro and Nine are like...Hiro and Nathan. So totally incompatible it just might work. Clearly this is the crossover that's been waiting to be written ever since Eccleston joined the cast.


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LOL, well, they're both fairly mad, aren't they?

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I suspected Adamn, but hey! This worked even better!

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AHAHAHA! I guessed at 'Hullo' but it still made my day at the end.

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Love the icon. Just so y'know, I'm stealing it. It shall forever remain in my collection.

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Fine by me. Make sure to credit naewinter however, as it's her work. There's a background that goes with it if you're interested. I love your icon as well, by the way.

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Worry not; I always credit. Thanks for the offer of the backgrounnd, but I'll just stick with the icon.

Thank you.
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Um, yay! Ah Sam, you make me very happy sometimes. Nine, right? My favourite :D

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Of course Nine! :D

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Time Bender meets Time Lord. Perfect!

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*loves you muchly* Hee!!

love, lore

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eee! Not being familiar with any of the Doctors before Nine, it was quite obvious to me from his speech patterns who it was. You nail Chris Eccleston's characters so very well...

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I love you so very, very much right now. This is brilliant. Amazing even. *fangirls you*

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Sam, I love you.

"My name is Hiro Nakamura. I bend time and space."
But, being Japanese, wouldn't Hiro put his last name first, and then his given name? Sorry for the nit-pick.

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I considered that, but I figure if he's speaking English (or even if the Doctor's only hearing English) it'd transpose the names to the Western style.

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Ah. That makes sense. I guess I've been reading a bit too much RuroKen fan fiction these days ... ^_^;;
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Hee, wonderful crossover! I really loved it. :D

Re: Awesome!

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In my mind that was Christopher Eccleston.

Re: Awesome!

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Oh totally. :D

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Oh, yay!!!!!!! *squees with much delight*

I've also been reading your Hiatus Continuations and they are brilliant.

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Thank you! I'm glad you like the fic, and the Hiatus Continuations :D
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This was really quite excellent. Their acceptance of the wildly improbably matches them up nicely.

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Aw! :D

I started mainlining Heroes last week and finally hit 2-11 yesterday, and decided it was time to read all your Heroes fic, and this one split my face with the happy.