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Ouran Host Club: Viola Grown; Ouran Host Club, G.

Title: Viola Grown
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Summary: Haruhi is a mystery to her university professors -- but not to Kyoya, who knows her better than she knows herself. Haruhi/Tamaki, Kyoya/Haruhi.
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

Now available on A03!
First Posted 7.5.06


"What are you watching?"

Professor Ryu Adachi had been sitting on the steps of the Humanities building, basking in the sun, when a shadow fell across him and he looked up to see Tetsuo Yuki, his fellow Literature professor, gazing down.

"I'm watching a young woman," he said. Yuki grinned and dropped down to sit next to him, effortlessly.

"Pervert," he said.

"Oh yes; all these nubile young students, they're all fodder for my insatiable sexual appetite. No, this one's special," Adachi said. "See the girl -- there, in the blue shirt?"

"The one with the short hair?"

"She's the one."

Yuki looked around. "You're not the only one watching her."

"I know, that's how I discovered her. I didn't notice her at first; I just noticed that all the men were looking at someone, and there she was," Adachi said. "She's fascinating. Watch this."

The girl had been talking with a tall young man in glasses, who carried a briefcase and was wearing the suit that most of the business students affected to make themselves look more adult. Now, she laid a hand on his forearm, laughed a little, and tilted her head slightly. A nearby student, also watching her, sighed.

"Who's the lucky boy?" Yuki asked.

"That's Kyoya Ohtori."

"You've done your homework."

"I have a friend in the Business college. He's the youngest son of the Ohtori, the billionaire," Adachi said.

"No wonder he's in Business. He looks like he'd rather be with us," Yuki observed. The girl had reached into her bag and was handing him a book, one of the novels usually assigned in Introduction to English Literature. He took it, inclined his head in a half-bow, and they parted ways. She hadn't gone ten feet before another boy approached her, close enough and loud enough for them to overhear.

"Haruhi, Haruhi I was wondering," he said, following her like a puppy as they walked. "Are you free tonight?"

"Hello Egawa-senpai," she said, smiling at him.

"H - Hello Haruhi," he replied, stammering and blushing.

"He's a third-year student," Adachi whispered to Yuki. "She's a first-year. Interesting, isn't it?"

"I can't go out tonight," she continued. "I'm working."

"Won't you tell me where? Are you a waitress? I'll come and order food from you! Oh, do you serve drinks at a nightclub? Tell me where, I'll bring friends!"

She smiled up at him. It was a nice smile, but not anything extraordinary.

"No, I don't wait tables. But I will meet you tomorrow morning to study, if you want to!"

"Yes! Tomorrow morning, early!" he said eagerly. "I'll bring breakfast! Where?"

"Outside the library. See you then, Egawa!"

"She's quite kind," Yuki observed, as she turned a corner and vanished from sight. "But I don't understand why all the young men are following her like that."

"No, she's not particularly beautiful, though she is pretty. Still, there are lots of pretty girls on the campus," Adachi said, as a group of young women walked past in skirts much shorter than Haruhi's. "That's why I've been watching her every chance I get. She's unusual."

"You should look after yourself," Yuki said suddenly, inclining his head slightly. Adachi followed the movement. The young man who'd first been speaking with Haruhi was standing there, staring directly at Adachi. "While you're watching her, someone's watching you."

Adachi smiled to himself. "More and more interesting. It's very literary; I think I shall be novelistic. Excuse me! Ohtori! May I have a word?"

The bespectacled man tilted his head, apparently thinking about it, and then approached. Yuki tensed.

"Yes, Professor?" he asked. "You have the advantage of me."

"Adachi, professor of Japanese Literature. This is Tetsuo Yuki, professor of Advanced English. The girl you were speaking with just now, Haruhi."

"Haruhi Fujioka; yes?"

"How long have you been in love with her?"

The young man adjusted his glasses slightly. "I don't see how that's any of your business. With all due respect, Professor Adachi."

"It's not," Adachi said easily, laughing. "It's just that your competition is very stiff. If you don't tell her soon, she might choose someone else."

Kyoya smiled, but it was a thin, humourless smile. "You aren't her professor, or you wouldn't say that. Haruhi is in love with school. She doesn't waste time on romance."

"You know her well, then?"

"We attended high school together. We belonged to the same social club."

"And you followed her here?" Yuki asked. "What a love story!"

"It is the best school in the country," Kyoya said mildly. "There was no question of where she would attend, and this is my father's school."

"The Business college." Adachi didn't miss the way the boy's fingers tightened on the book Haruhi had given him. "Your father wants you to take over the family business."

"I like Business."

"But you like books more."

Kyoya tilted his head. "Haruhi has taught me that a man needs to understand many things, to be a businessman."

"I'm very interested in her now," Adachi mused.

"Pervert," Yuki repeated.

"No, I think not," Kyoya said to Yuki. "You're gay -- aren't you, professor?"

Adachi raised an eyebrow.

"I hear things," Kyoya said in a false, light tone. "So if you aren't in love with Haruhi, perhaps it's...anthropological?"

"You could say that."

"You may be interested, in that case, to investigate the Ouran High School Host Club," Kyoya remarked.

"You can't just tell me?" Adachi asked.

"I could, but it's much more entertaining this way, don't you think?" Kyoya said. "Haruhi has introduced me to the mystery novel -- fascinating genre. Enjoy yourself, won't you?"

"He terrifies me," Yuki said as the younger man walked off. "I didn't know you were gay."

"I didn't want you to imagine I was always ogling your ass," Adachi replied with a grin. "Ouran High School, eh? I think I'll take a field trip this weekend."


Yuki found Adachi in the teachers' common room on Monday, absorbed in the study of a handful of photographs.

"Handsome boys," he said with a grin. "Is that your Kyoya boy?"

"Indeed," Adachi said, turning the photographs around so that Yuki didn't have to crane his neck.

"And there's Haruhi -- why is she in a boy's uniform?"

"Meet the Ouran High School Host Club," Adachi said. "Four years ago. Kyoya Ohtori you've met. This fellow -- "

"The blond?"

"Tamaki Suoh. He's half-French; his teachers say he's studying in France now. These twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin -- "

"I know them!"

"Yes, they attend here as well. This tall, strapping young man is Takashi Morinozuka, who apparently is studying at the culinary college, and the small one there is Mitsukuni Haninozuka."

"The martial arts champion."

"The same. And there's Haruhi, who's studying history with the intent to go into law. Which of these things," Adachi asked, tapping the photographs, "is not like the others?"

"Well, obviously..." Yuki looked at the photographs again. "It must be Suoh. He's not fully Japanese."

Adachi stared at him.

"Or -- well, the karate whiz, he's a lot shorter than the others..."

"It's Haruhi, you moron. She's a girl."

"So? Lots of clubs have a gender imbalance."

"Not host clubs. The whole purpose of the Ouran Host Club..." Adachi handed him a pamphlet with a photograph of several handsome, smiling men on the cover, "Is to entertain young women who want to drink tea and have conversations with handsome boys."

"Your kind of place."

"That's a low blow, even for an English professor."


"So here's the question," Adachi said. "Why is Haruhi Fujioka, a girl, being photographed as a host? A male host?"

Yuki picked up her photograph. "She does look a little boyish."

"She does."

"Are you saying...?"

"I believe she posed as a male throughout high school, yes."

"Wow. Gutsy girl," Yuki said. "This doesn't answer any of your questions, though. It makes new ones."

"As all good murder-mystery clues do," Adachi agreed. "Which means it's time to badger the witnesses again."

"You're going to try Kyoya once more? Where will you find him?"

Adachi winked at him. "I imagine I'll only have to follow Haruhi."


The dining commons in the centre of campus was spacious and always smelled of good food, but at two in the afternoon it was also fairly quiet. Only a handful of students were eating late lunch, talking softly amongst themselves in the high-ceilinged dining room.

"Kyoya! How nice to see you again," Adachi said cheerfully, his tray balanced on one hand, a large bottle of cola in the other. "I was just thinking, I'd like to have lunch with Kyoya. Weren't you, Professor Yuki?"

"Oh yes," Yuki said, seating himself next to Kyoya. Adachi sat down on the other side. Haruhi, sitting across the table from Kyoya, looked mildly alarmed.

"Who's your friend?" Adachi asked. "I think I've seen you around the Humanities building, haven't I, miss?"

"Professor Adachi, this is Haruhi Fujioka. Haruhi, this is Professor Adachi and his companion, Professor Yuki."

The slightest emphasis was placed on the word "companion". Yuki glanced at him, frowning.

"Pleased to meet you," Haruhi said. "I'm afraid I'll be late for class," she added to Kyoya, gathering up her lunch things. "I'll see you tonight, won't I?"

"Certainly," Kyoya said.

"She's skittish," Adachi remarked as she left.

"She saw you wished to speak to me privately about something," Kyoya said, unruffled. Adachi took the photographs out of his coat pocket and laid them on the table. "Ah."

"Handsome young men," Adachi remarked.

"Yes. I took these myself," Kyoya said, indicating the ones of Tamaki and the twins.

"This one," Adachi said, tapping the photograph of Haruhi, "is particularly handsome."

Kyoya smirked. Just a little, but it was a definite smirk.

"I have a theory," Adachi continued. "Would you like to hear it?"


"Have you studied much theatre, Kyoya?" he asked. Kyoya gave him a mild, blank look. "Did you know that in Noh theatre only men are considered truly qualified to play women?"

"I'm aware of it, yes."

"And in England, in Shakespeare's time, men were trained in how to play women. Women weren't," Adachi continued. "So Professor Yuki tells me."

"I am all the daughters of my father's house," Yuki quoted quietly in English.

"Twelfth Night," Kyoya replied.

"So our Haruhi was a boy for four years, and spent her after-school time charming women," Adachi continued, imperturbably. "She learned how men act alone with each other, and how women act towards men. She was treated as a man by women, and learned what women do. She watched and listened and learned."

"Haruhi is a brilliant student," Kyoya allowed.

"And when the time came for her to be a woman again, because there was no reason not to be -- maybe because she's not so hardened to men as you think?"

Kyoya bowed his head slightly. It might have been an acknowledgement, or it might have been an encouragement to keep talking.

"She knew all the things women had said and done to her as a man, and she knew what men find obvious and what women do. She knew what charms work best on men. She'd been taught how to act like a woman, not just to be one," Adachi finished. "And thus men find her a perfect woman, and...irresistible."

"I never found her otherwise," Kyoya said softly.

"Didn't you?"

"I knew she was a woman when we met. I was the only one of the Host Club who did."

"And she doesn't mind it?"

"Mind what? Being a woman?"

"Acting like a woman. Always acting."

"Do you really suppose she is? Haruhi is...unique. Nothing she does is an act. She is -- " Kyoya smiled. "Her boyfriend calls her the natural rookie."

"Boyfriend?" Adachi asked, surprised.

"Tamaki Suoh -- studying in France, as I'm sure you're aware. It's perfect, isn't it? He takes up no more of her time than it takes to write a daily e-mail," Kyoya said. There was no brittle bitterness in his voice, which was telling in and of itself. "And she doesn't need to worry about not loving him, because he will never know. Tamaki is my closest friend, and I know him better than anyone. He's a wonderful child, completely self-absorbed in his quest to please women."

"But you love her. Surely it wouldn't be difficult..." Adachi blurted, still startled.

"She will find me in the fullness of time. I don't intend to leave her side," Kyoya said. He looked sensible, placid about the whole thing. "Tamaki is a boy, and always will be. A romantic. Haruhi is not a child, despite her literature and history and her charming way with men. I hold her to a higher standard; I don't devote myself to her pleasure, but to a happiness that we might share. She wants Tamaki now, but that will pass. She needs me."

"You were right, Adachi," Yuki said. "It is a novel."

"You have been most enlightening, Professor," Kyoya said, gathering up the photographs into a tidy pile. "I will think on what you've said today. Thank you."

"Come take one of my courses, Kyoya," Adachi said impulsively. Kyoya smiled.

"I'll see if I can fit it in. Business school is very demanding. Perhaps if Haruhi does, we could be study partners. Good day," he said. He bowed, the same small, slight bow he'd given Haruhi three days before, and walked off.

"Twelfth Night, eh?" Adachi asked Yuki. "I may have to teach that one sometime. Do you know of a good translation?"


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::squees:: OHSHC Fanfiction!! OMG!!! This rocks! You rock!

::is incoherent for a few minutes::

::times passes::

Okay, now that I can tak again. I haven't read this (YET!) but I'll comment again when I have. I just wanted to let you know how cool it is that you wrote OHSHC fanfiction. =)

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love love love love ::huggles fic::

I finished it, and somehow I can feel it. Ive only seen the first 5 episodes so far, but I can see it ending like this, eventually. Kyoya does seem like the perfect guy for Haruhi, doesn't he? Tamaki is a boy, always so passionate about passion.

I adore this. I'm going to go rec it right now on my LJ.

::scampers away::

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Oh Sam *_*

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ooooh! Can I snag your Icon? Pretty pretty please? ::begs::

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Oh lord. *_* Yes.

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... awww.

Just, aww. I mean, really, that is just entirely way too sweet for words.

And this is utterly random sounding, but what you wrote, for the most part, it sort of... it kind of reads like the translations of the Japanese novels I've read. It has that kind of stilted aspect you don't really see very often, which seems rather fitting.

[identity profile] 2006-07-05 05:19 pm (UTC)(link)
HAH, I was wondering if anyone would notice that.

I tend to write in the style of the original canon, noticeably mimicking structure and syntax of the original author. So it's not terribly shocking that it reads a little like a translation. :D


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...well - ouran is the last thing I ever thought to find here... but I'm pleased all the same! absolutely lovely!!!

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I havent seen any of the anime, but I read the fic and now I want to! Really great fic.

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if you google "lunar ouran" you'll get a page of Ouran torrent downloads -- I can link you to a "how to download torrented files" page if you want.

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I saw [ profile] animehime being all excited about Ouran fic and I was all "?" because I like Ouran too but it's not like there haven't been a few goood fics so far already but then I realized it was [ profile] sam_storyteller.... <gigantic woobie eyes>

Is this a one-off?  I need to know how much space this will take up on the shrine. ;D

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It's a one-off, but I'm planning to write more Ouran fic in general :) Glad you enjoyed it!

So rec these goooood fics?

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Oh my goodness. Sam, you wonderful, freakishly talented man!! I don't know whether to laugh triumphantly that you've given in to anime fandom, or to gawk in amazement at this!
The fic was fantastic by the way, I love the professor's theory of Haruhi being this very manipulative, crafty woman. AND I love the parallels you made to Twelfth Night! Anime fandom is starting to look bright and interesting again. XD

[identity profile] 2006-07-05 05:16 pm (UTC)(link)

The thing is though, it really isn't Haruhi being manipulative, I didn't want to imply that -- because you know how basically without-deceit she is. It's just her knowing how to act and acting that way, like always...the Natural Rookie :D

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Soo soo awesome. It really feels like you have a wonderfull grasp on the characters. Its interesting to see Kyoya still in the background but coming more fully to the front in the life of Haruhi. I really hope you write more for this series.

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You really hate me enough to make me go get converted to another fandom??

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It's totally worth it. Especially for the Alice in Wonderland episode.

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*sigh* So awesome.
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It is almost unspeakably wonderful that you wrote Ouran fic. It was 2:45 in the morning and I was already dead on my computer chair, but haha, I sat bolt upright and laughed in delight when I realized exactly what I was seeing.

Is it terible of me that the people I like most in this fic are Adachi and Yuki? Adachi in particular is pretty darn awesome. Also, Kyoya's subtle dig was not lost on me and I laughed in fiendish glee as the OTP-love spontaneously coalesced in my head.

BTW, high school in Japan is only three years, grades 10-12 in American speak.

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I'm rather attached to Adachi myself, now. He's the Japanese version of Ellis Graveworthy, I have a feeling.

Thanks for the tip about Japanese high school. Say, what do you suppose is going to happen when Mori and Hunny graduate?
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This was utterly lovely!

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Ohhhhh wow. This is obviously my reward for having to sift through all the other Ouran fic out there. *melts into a little puddle of joy*

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*whistles* I didn't know you liked Ouran High School Host Club... *squeals*

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*giggles* I just noticed that Haruhi didn't mention a time in which to met.. hope poor Egawa isn't there too early. *imagines a boy at outside a library at 5.30am*

I also like the way Kyoya feigns ignorance when the professor calls him over. He doesn't flaunt it but is perfectly aware of what's going around him. He doesn't need to overdo things.. just a subtle nudge is all he needs.

And this is my favourite pairing too. Kyoya and Haruhi. I think Tamaki and Haruhi is a very nice young love but seeing them together and getting down to it.. is practically underage stuff. Kyoya and Haruhi have more staying power.. and in the manga.. Book 6.. when Kyoya grabs Haruhi and covers her mouth.. oh that's just sends the plot bunnies off on how Kyoya gave Haruhi every clue available for her to find the culprit. *chuckles*

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Awww! I really hope you write more in this fandom. I'm getting very fond of it.

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Yaaaay!!! Ouran fic!! :D *continues to encourage plot bunnies*

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I know nothing about the show except what you've told me, but I'm going to read this later because a) work is boring, and b) I've had this thing for G-rated fic lately. Not sure why. It's soothing, somehow.
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AGH. omg. that is so plausible!

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Okay, "I like business." Best understatement of the year, along with many other things he says. Kyouya, generally, is master of the understatement.

Actually, I suppose he's the master of most everything he wants to be, eventually. :D

So, I downloaded the manga, because I have never read any manga before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It didn't do much for me though -- their voices are almost the best part! (Haaa-ru-CHAN! :D ) It's not quite the same without the obnoxious music, the Tamaki flounces, and the sparkly animated roses.

Anyway, this was awesome, and I fervently hope you write more Ouran fic. Must feed the addiction! Perhaps I can almost feed the addiction by going back to re-read Twelfth Night... :)

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Dude. I made a couple of Ouran icons, and I keep just going to look at them and smile. What's up with that? They aren't even particularly exciting icons! (

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You wrote Kyoya &hearts
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Sam!fic *Squees inchoherently*

Sam, you are all kinds of awesome. This fic was all kinds of awesome. i especially enjoyed the budding Adachi/Yuki ♥

*wanders away smiling*

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... genius. GENIUS, I say. ... Hee. "Companion," indeed.

*strokes ego*

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It took you a while to break down, but there's beauty in the breakdown. Thank you for the Ouran fic.

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Oh, oh, oh. ♥♥♥

This is lovely and wonderful. :) I have such a soft spot for Kyouya/Haruhi and I'm smitten with your insight on Haruhi.
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Drive-by icon love :)

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