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Make It Pop

Title: Make It Pop
Rating: PG-13 (Tim/Matt)
Warnings: None
Fandom: White Collar RPF.
Summary: "Tim's going to do it" is going to get Matt Bomer in trouble some day.
Notes: Will make much more sense after watching this video of Matt and Tim at Comic-Con, dancing to Tik Tok. Also that may redeem the song Tik Tok for you. Written for my <1000 challenge. Actually about 1400 words.
BETA CREDIT, JESUS: [ profile] neifile7 did her best to make me not suck, and [personal profile] girlpearl corrected my spelling of Ke$ha. :D

Also available at AO3.


Comic-Con was insane.

They'd both done the convention before, so they knew the ropes, but Matt never got over the craziness of it. Photo shoot? Sure. Interview with some website he'd never heard of? Bring it on. Singing impromptu a capella in front of a room full of people? Love it. On the spot demonstration of some video game that creepily identified your body movements and tracked them while you danced to Ke$ha? Well, Tim was going to do it.

Matt reflected that "Tim's going to do it" was going to get him in trouble eventually.

Matt couldn't dance, not real dancing, ballroom dancing or whatever. He'd done a lot of dancing in clubs, though, and he could keep up pretty well. Thirty seconds in, he stole a glance at Tim and almost burst out laughing; at least he wasn't going to be the worst dancer in the game. Tim danced like he was trying to embarrass himself. Points for commitment, though.

Tim glanced back at him, caught his eye, and laughed. Matt grinned and kept dancing. He checked in every few moves, and he caught Tim tracking him as well. It was fun -- just being out from behind the panel tables, doing stupid shit like they were here to entertain themselves. When the song ended, Tim checked his score and groaned theatrically.

"It's all good," Matt said, slinging an arm around his neck. "You dance very well for an FBI agent."

"How are you such a tremendous dork?" Tim asked him.

"It takes practice," Matt assured him. Tim was very warm, slightly damp, and extremely close.

And Matt was married and Tim was married and, furthermore, straight. Matt swore off converting straight boys a long time ago. Tim glanced at him sidelong, though, and Matt considered calling Simon. Simon was okay with a little messing around, and he was pretty sure Simon would even be okay with messing around with Tim because, well, Simon had seen Tim.

Matt wasn't so sure Tim would be okay with Matt messing around with him, but he was watching him pretty closely and hadn't bothered to duck out from under Matt's arm as they walked away from the stage.

"I'm going back to the hotel," Tim said, tipping his head in the direction of the exits. "I don't want to smell like dance funk all afternoon."

"I'll come along," Matt answered, letting go of his shoulders but walking very close. Not that you could avoid it, in this kind of crowd. Good excuse. He took his phone out of his pocket and texted Simon.

Tim. Y/N?

Simon texted back quickly. Married, straight, co-worker. Messy? If he's good, I am.

Love you best always, Matt texted, smiling.

Bring me swag, Simon answered. Matt shut off his phone and shoved it back in his pocket.

"How's Simon?" Tim asked, as they stepped out of the crowds and into the hot San Diego sunlight.

"Sounds stressed. The kids are wearing him out," Matt answered.

"Yeah, Elisa shipped ours off to her mom's for the weekend, I think she's doing a spa," Tim said. "People need alone time sometimes."

"Secret to a great marriage?" Matt asked.

"You tell me," Tim said, looking richly amused. "Tim Y/N, huh?"

"Has anyone ever told you it's rude to read over peoples' shoulders?" Matt asked, as they stepped into the hotel. The mob was all across the street at the con; the lobby was quiet. He pushed the elevator button and stepped away from Tim, shoving his hands in his pockets awkwardly. "I wasn't betting on a sure thing. Just covering the bases."

"Simon's okay with that?"

Matt shrugged. "Sometimes you need time off. It works for us," he added, defensive, walking into the open elevator. "Do you ever...?"

"Step out on Elisa? No," Tim said, as the doors closed. Matt opened his mouth to explain, but Tim put a palm in the middle of his chest and gave a solid shove that pushed him into the wall of the elevator. Matt found himself pressed between the wall and Tim's body, and it was always a little startling how huge the guy was up close. "We had a talk about you, though."

"Me?" Matt asked, wishing his voice wasn't quite so high and his erection wasn't quite so evident.

"I have a surprisingly checkered past," Tim said. "It's been a long time. She said if I ever got the chance, you were my one free pass."

Matt, despite his position, preened a little. "Me, huh?"

"Get over yourself," Tim murmured, and kissed him. "Dancing was fun."

"Dancing was fun," Matt agreed. He arched his back a little, tipping his hips forward. Tim groaned into his mouth. "Hotel room?"

"Did Simon text you back Y?" Tim asked, grinning.

"He's worried this is going to be messy," Matt told him, as Tim pulled back and the doors opened. There was a security guy on their floor, and Matt tried to look like he hadn't just been humping his co-star in the elevator. Tim nodded casually to the guard and walked down to his room, keycarding in. Matt followed, then grabbed Tim's shoulder as the door was closing and pushed him back against the entryway wall.

"It's probably going to be messy," he said, pulling Tim's shirt up.

"Messy, I can deal with," Tim answered, tugging on his belt. He laughed suddenly. "Can you imagine the network's -- "

" -- all too clearly," Matt groaned.

"This stays between us," Tim said. Matt stopped trying to strip them both as fast as possible and leaned in, resting his forehead against Tim's.

"Yep. Between us," he said quietly. "You think we can keep from screwing it up?"

"I figure if Peter and Neal can manage it..." Tim trailed off. Matt laughed.

"You are so incredibly uncool, it's almost unbelievable," he said, letting Tim manhandle him onto the bed.

"Well, I'm in good company, then," Tim said. Matt tried to strip off his shirt without wrinkling it too badly, which was a good excuse not to admit that Tim had a point.

After that they were too distracted to argue about it, anyway.

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well this made me grin :)
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I think I also deserve some blame for whining incessantly at you until you wrote this :)

"You are so incredibly uncool, it's almost unbelievable," QFT, Sam. And yet :)
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"Quoted For Truth"
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Apparently I won't consider WC RPF unless it's you Sam. I am NOT disappoint :D

And god this makes me sound like I don't like rpf, when I do actually heartily support people getting their fic on in whatever ways pleases them. I have WRITTEN rpf. I also read a fair bit of it, but tend to stick to particular fandoms of which WC is not one.
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TBH I think you're right. I guess I figured it was out there, somewhere, rule 34 and all.
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[personal profile] pixel 2011-01-14 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
LOL YES. I saw that webchat thing, I think that's what it was, and agreed, pretty sure Tim & Matt ship Tim/Matt.
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[personal profile] pixel 2011-01-14 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
Wouldn't THAT be a trip? 'Tho yeah I've seen what you mean.
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some star, or some pro author that's 'trying things on for size'. I can name one or two I suspect of lurking.

Re the post: Oh dear god, laughing this hard hurts right now.
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This was my face through the entire thing. I don't know what's more delicious, Peter/Neal or Tim/Matt RPS.
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HAHAHA yes. I can't even figure out anything to say besides that. I always feel like a tool loving RPF, but you write such good (and, uh, flatteringly decent) RPF on the rare occasion you let it out of your filter.
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Hahaha, only for you would I read this, also. I full support their adorable bromance, but not romance.

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♥!! !!!
and some squee for fun (sorry, but thus just gets me in the fangirling mode)
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love the title too.

[personal profile] elucreh 2011-01-14 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
The best part is where THEY SHIP PETER/NEAL.
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asdlfhk so cuuute. >.>

They are such dorks. This (and that video) makes me love them even more.
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OH god, I love.

I didn't think I'd ever want WC RPF, but then you go and write it and it was too tempting to resist. They are so adorables.
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This is great, especially with video as prelude!

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OMG, I can't even... Damn.
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I love that you so clearly include them negotiating this with their respective spouses.
And I needed a cute story to start my morning off right.
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[personal profile] blushingflower 2011-01-15 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
Also! Because of this story I was craving White Collar, so I went to the USA website to get some, and I got this bit of Matt and Tim answering viewer questions, and it starts with them doing this whole bit about "how big is your gun?" and being all innuendo-y. It's very cute.
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[personal profile] kannnichtfranz 2011-01-14 01:30 pm (UTC)(link)
This was irresistible -- and now that I've read it, it's still irresistible! Great companion to that vid. I can't wait for more White Collar! And I kind of want to hear more about that checkered past... or maybe watch Matt hearing about it... :)
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This was great - my first WC-RPF.

THis was great

(Anonymous) 2011-07-08 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not a nonny mouse, I just don't have a dreamwidth account. I'm Dana_Jeanne (or Deej1957) over on LJ. Forget which :-)

I'm in the midst of downloading your stories and putting them on my eReader to have a good long read. This one was short so I just read through it.

Too awesome *G* And to answer your not!question about the RPF for WC-- I think maybe the fact that Matt's gay and both men are happily married with kids might have something to do with the lack of it. I've written RPS in Supernatural-- up to the point when Jared and Jensen married thier wives.

Looking forward to reading your fics, especially that 20 chapter job!
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[personal profile] hypertwink 2011-01-15 10:43 am (UTC)(link)

This was fun. I love the references to ComicCon and the infamous dance video =) I also like that there are concessions to their respective relationships and the mentions of their fictional counterparts (which made me laugh since it's being acknowledged that Neal & Peter may have extra-marital activities).

Great job.

(Anonymous) 2011-04-25 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
I need to visit comiccon ;-)
loved the story

(Anonymous) 2011-05-17 11:15 am (UTC)(link)
Another good fic Sam.

I have actually read other WC rpf. It's out there... i think i found it after following white collar wiki links.

There's one where Tim introduces Matt to the Fanfiction world of WC by showing him a Peter/Neal slash fic. Matt says he likes it and Tim admits he wrote it.

I wonder if Elrhiarhodan wrote it....? I can't remember.

Anyway, I hope you'll continue to write more White Collar. I can't find fault with any of your stories.


[personal profile] arclevel 2012-09-03 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
I love this! I'm kind of strange about RPF - sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it, but one of the defining things for me is that any real SO's must either be involved or give permission, so ultimately, this really works for me.

Are the dates on this post and its comments correct? They say early 2011, and I thought Matt Bomer didn't come out publicly until about a year after that. It might have been widely rumored first, but I didn't think his family details would have been known. (I'm also *brand* new to this fandom, so I may just not know better.)

I've also noticed that some of your WC posts (maybe those on LJ) seem to be dated 2005, which *seems* unlikely since the show premiered in 2009. ;-)

[personal profile] arclevel 2012-09-03 07:27 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, I see that *my* comment posted with the correct date, so apparently it's just that Bomer came out a whole lot earlier than I thought he did?? Which is also interesting because beyond the names and ages of his partner and kids, plus a few paparazzi shoots, I've seen pretty much nothing about his personal/family life.