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Head Boy

Rating: R (Remus/Percy)
Summary: Percy definitely needs to calm the hell down.
Warnings: Student/Teacher dynamic.

Also available at AO3.


In the sleep-addled brain of Remus Lupin -- which, finding the past a more pleasant place, often spent its unconscious time there -- the banging noises he heard as he woke could mean only one of two things. Either Peter had locked himself out of the Tower again, and was using the Knocking Charm to summon the Prefect to unlock it, or James and Lily were banging the headboard again. He strongly suspected the former.

Then he opened his eyes as he rolled out of bed, and found himself standing not in the Seventh-Years' dormitory room in Gryffindor Tower, but rather in a dark, cosy room that belonged to a Professor --

-- oh, that was him --

And now the knocking was worse, because it meant, at this hour of the morning, that something was horribly wrong and he was going to have to help fix it.

He pulled a shirt around his chest, making sure the drawstring holding his pyjama pants was tied as he hurried through his rooms and threw the door open.

Percy Weasley stood on the other side, looking pale and rumpled. His Head Boy badge was pinned to his collar as neatly as ever, however, and he didn't look as though he'd been woken. Remus raised a hand self-consciously to his own hair, which was standing ridiculously on end, one side slightly matted.

"Percy," he blurted. "What's wrong? Is it Black again?"

"N - no -- " Percy said, apparently taken-aback by his half-on pyjama shirt and the wildness of his hair. "I...."

Remus waited, blinking, trying to force his sleepy brain to wake up. "Did Dumbledore sent you to fetch me?" he asked helpfully. Percy seemed to colour a little.

"I had a question," he said.

Remus paused.

"A question?"

"Yes -- about one of your lessons -- my notes weren't clear -- I've been studying for NEWTs..." Percy took Remus' exhausted leaning on the door for an invitation inside, and brushed past him into the room. "I'd really like to be top in all of them, but Defence isn't my strong point -- "

"Percy," Remus said, as Percy began digging through a bag of tightly-rolled scrolls. "You came here to ask me a question?"

"That's right -- here it is -- "

"Can I ask you one first?"

Percy paused, and looked up. "A drill? Oh, excellent -- "

"What time is it, Percy?"

Percy looked thoughtful. "Well, I could cast a Chronologos spell, or summon a watch from my rooms, or -- "

"Just look at the clock, and tell me what time it is," Remus said tiredly. Percy squinted at the old antique mantel-clock, in the gloomy-dark room.

"Coming on quarter-past three," he said promptly.

"Do you happen to know what time breakfast is at?"

"Well, it ends at eight-thirty..."

"So eight-thirty minus three-fifteen is?"

"Five and a quarter hours."

"Now I want you to listen to this question carefully, Percy. What detail of one of my lectures, for which you actually have notes, could not wait five and a quarter hours to be asked?"

He realised as soon as he'd said it that it was the wrong thing to say; a Professor wasn't supposed to lose his temper or be short with students, at least, not a Gryffindor professor. He sighed, and sank into his chair, resting his forehead in his fingers. Too near the full moon.

"That was wrong of me, Percy, I apologise," he said. "Did you realise it was this late?"

Percy hung his head. "No. I was up studying -- I thought you might still be up..."

"Up this late studying, you're not doing yourself any favours," Remus said softly. "You should be spending this time sleeping. Believe me. I saw students burn out doing less than you do, Percy."

"Oh, I like studying -- "

"And I like chocolate, but you can't live on it."

Percy gave him a shy smile.

"You are allowed one three-am flip-out, Percy, but I'm afraid you've used yours up," Remus continued. "If you can't sleep, you should see Madam Pomfrey. But if you won't sleep, then that's something I need to take up with Deputy Headmistress McGonagall."

"Oh -- please don't -- "

Remus held up a hand to stop his frantic protestations. "I'm not going to. This time. But I am also," he added, as Percy opened his mouth, "Not going to answer your question at three in the morning. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Professor." Percy looked down at his hands. "It's just if I can't find the answer sometimes I can't sleep, and I get jittery, and then the next morning -- "

"Believe me, Percy, I've heard all the horror stories. I know." Remus leaned back, smiling slightly. "When I was a mates and I were all mad. But it's not as bad as you think, and not as important as you think -- no, it's not. When I finally realised that, I did the sensible thing, and when NEWTs finally rolled around I was the only one who had the energy after they were done to go out and celebrate."

"But -- how could you sleep, knowing that there was something you didn't know?"

"There were lots of things I didn't know. Don't know. I made a list, and then if I was still anxious, I tried...thinking about other things. Tension is endemic to the population of Hogwarts, Percy, but there are ways past it."


Remus paused. If he were fully awake he never would have said it, but he was still sleepy and his tongue had a mind of its own. He stood, and put his hands behind his back, pacing a little. "Wanking."

Percy's furious flush of colour turned his face almost as red as his hair. "What?"

"You're seventeen, don't tell me you don't know what wanking is."

"No -- but I -- you're a Professor!" Percy tracked his pacing with his eyes.

"And?" Remus asked.

Percy looked stunned.

"You've a young woman you go out with, don't you?" Remus inquired. "Penelope, the Ravenclaw girl, yes? She's probably just as tightly-wound as you are right now."

"A -- are you suggesting I -- "

Remus smiled. "Well it's not like I'm going to fail you if you don't, Percy, but it is an awfully good way to relax, and there are studies that say -- "

"I'm not going to go wake Penelope up at three in the morning and -- "

"But you woke me up?" Remus asked mildly.

Percy blinked.

"You used to be a Prefect," he said miserably. "I saw on the rosters. And your NEWTs scores were third in your class."

"James and Sirius always beat me out," Remus murmured.

"I thought you'd understand."

Remus looked at the boy, really looked at him, for possibly the first time. Not particularly tall or short, third of seven children, with the same red hair and freckles they all had. High cheekbones, narrow face, not quite as handsome as the photos he'd seen of Bill and Charlie but far more delicate and well-formed than Arthur, or even Ron and the twins. Almost feminine, except for a ruthless sort of intellectual ambition underlying a geeky exterior that was all too familiar.

"Why are you staring at me?" Percy asked, his voice hushed.

"I'm trying to think what to tell you," Remus lied, his own face flushing as red as Percy's had been a moment ago. He'd stopped rather close, he realised; through skin numb from exhaustion he could almost feel Percy's physical presence.

"Hogwarts isn't very private," Percy said finally. "Just finding a place where Penelope and I could go would be a challenge."

"Well, there's always the Prefect's bathroom," Remus said with an attempt at a grin.

"Wish we had our own rooms, like the professors do," Percy grumbled.

"You're considering it, then."

"Well, I -- " Percy turned to face him fully, and Remus almost drew back at the sheer intensity -- he should not have been thinking about how Percy looked or how his intelligence gleamed at the back of his green eyes.

Intelligence was just about the most erotic thing Remus could name. Ever.

"I my professors tell me to do..." Percy said haltingly. He had to crane his head just a little to meet Remus' eyes, and Remus had to bow his, and it was such a bad idea to even have mentioned wanking as an extracurricular assignment...

"Yes, it's one of your better features," Remus murmured, moving closer. Percy didn't back away.

"So if you told me to..." Percy said, lips almost touching Remus', eyes now closed, body taut and trembling, " that, I don't see how I could -- "

Remus was never sure whether it was just that Percy, with his lack of sleep, lost his balance, or whether it was that he himself, not fully awake, made an incredibly bad judgement call. Either way, the next thing he noticed was that Percy tasted like toothpaste, and who would have thought a seventeen-year-old would know that trick with his tongue?

Percy moaned and his slim body moved closer, pressing against Remus, his reaction to the earliest suggestion now all too evident. Fingers were re-ordering his already mussed hair, curving around his ears, he's a student what are you thinking you've got your hands on a student followed quickly by a far more petulant voice pointing out he started it...

Percy was rubbing against him now, making urgent throaty noises, face pressed to his neck as Remus slid his hands under the waistband of his trousers, nimble fingers feeling the smooth skin just below the small of his back.

Well, said the most rational voice yet to speak -- or possibly the most irrational -- as long as it's Percy who enjoys this the most, it ought to be okay. You suggested it, after all.

And with that Remus Lupin, Professor, slid to his knees and pressed his face to Percy's hip, nuzzling the bare skin where his shirt had been tugged out. Percy's hands clenched in his hair.

"Professor," Percy whispered. "Professor Lupin -- "

"Mm?" Remus asked, turning so that he could look up at Percy's face.

"Please don't stop..."

Remus smiled, and his fingers began to tug the trousers down, belt unbuckled, flies undone, over thin hips -- Percy had a scholar's body, he thought, underfed from careless hours spend studying, but smooth, pale and unblemished.

He kissed Percy's hip, even though the younger man was almost entirely naked now, standing in the middle of his study and begging. It was terribly tempting to pull him down and take him right there on the carpet, but he was after all a teacher and he always put his students first...

Percy's hips bucked when he ran his tongue along the length of his cock, and he smiled as he did things he was sure Percy had never even thought to fantasise about -- remembering that yes, when he'd been a student there had been nights like this when he and James or Sirius or even Peter couldn't sleep for worry, and he'd learned from Sirius how to

" -- fuck, Professor -- "

and when to take him in his mouth and move his tongue just like so, to make Percy plead for more and gasp that this was so good, that he had never felt this, that he was so warm and please, do that again, please.

He slid his own hand down the front of his pyjama pants, knees spreading a little, Percy's moans making him ache with arousal. Percy, a student, here, with his cock in his professor's mouth...

...whimpering and throwing his head back as he came, taking Remus over the edge with him, deft fingers doing their work well.

Oh, Percy.

Remus leaned back, breathing hard. Percy had grabbed hold of a chair, and that seemed to be all that was holding him up, his own shoulders heaving. He looked down as Remus licked his lips and muttered a spell that would take care of any mess they'd made.

After all, said yet another voice, a very amused one, it's not like your hair wasn't already messy.

"I see what you mean," Percy said, after a few moments where all that could be heard was their breathing.

"Hands-on lessons, my specialty," Remus replied, and was surprised when Percy chuckled. "Think you can sleep now?"

"Oh -- " Percy yawned. "Yes...I...I think so..."

Remus slowly rose, straightening the collar of his shirt. " can write down what you wanted to ask me, and...tomorrow after class -- "

Percy smiled suddenly, a very sly, very secret, and very frightening smile. "I'll do that."

Remus coughed. "And if you're having trouble sleeping, I -- well, please, try not to knock after about midnight."

Percy nodded, and bent up to kiss him again, suprising him.

"Before midnight," he said, against Remus' lips, and then he was gone.

Remus, giving up on rational thought at all, stumbled back into his bedroom, and fell into the bed, cocooning himself in the blankets. He was so...very...


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any ship

and it's yours.


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I'm ever so slightly disturbed. I've been putting off reading this, until I was too tired to care about who you made do what with whom. And it disturbs me even more you wrote it so well.

Oh god, my head. Why do you do things to my head? Why are you such a damn good writer I can't leave things alone when you write them?

Oh my head.

Take the fact that I read this, despite the slightly...personal *squick* issues as a compliment.

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Man, that's the reaction I had after I wrote it. :D

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That was great. I understood it immediately when you said that intelligence is the most erotic thing. ever. :D

you make me want to ship boys so much :D

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You're too good at this. Really. Because now I'm not sure if I want brain bleach, or more of this.