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Fool For A Black

Rating: NC-17 (Sirius/Remus/Regulus)
Summary: Remus has always been a fool for a Black.
Warnings: Consensual incest (Blackcest).

Also available at AO3.


It wasn't that he meant to ever think these thoughts, because lord knew they were awful thoughts to think.

It wasn't as though the idea had just occurred to him out of the blue, which was comforting, because it meant it wasn't some sort of sick kink that would follow him through his life. He didn't need kinks. Gay werewolves had quite enough to be going on with, thanks, without being kinky gay werewolves.

Still, the thoughts fascinated him, became central to his fantasies, and once even crept into his dreams. He woke that time and almost flung himself on Sirius, next bed over, waking the black-haired boy with a desperate kiss-grope-moan and indulging in one of the most satisfying fucks they'd managed since they started Christmas of sixth year. Which was saying something, because Sirius always made sure things were...satisfying.

He was almost certain the Thoughts were Sirius' fault somehow, but he couldn't quite put his finger on why, and of course telling Sirius was out of the question. Sirius and Regulus didn't always get along even when they were both fully clothed, and Remus was almost positive Sirius wouldn't be at all interested in his younger brother being naked anywhere near his (boyfriend? lover? fucktoy?) Remus.

It was Sirius' insistence on the Hogsmeade trip that had resulted in the Thoughts, of course, because he'd been trying to get Regulus away from the family since he himself had run off, which was the root cause of most of their brotherly conflict. It had to be said that, for Sirius, he was trying awfully hard. He'd asked Regulus along on the evening jaunt, shared his firewhiskies with the ickle fifth year, and matched his brother drink for drink. James and Remus had matched him too, but then James held his drink obscenely well and Remus was only drinking water, a fact which escaped notice until the fifth or sixth round, at which point nobody was sober enough to care.

This was the crystallising moment, which probably wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been sober, but then who knew? Perhaps being drunk would only have made it worse. At one point, Sirius had shot back his firewhiskey and Regulus, next to him, had applauded; they'd turned in their seats to grin at each other, and then Sirius had looked across the table at Remus, and Regulus had automatically turned to follow his gaze. He was the subject of intense focus of two sets of nearly-identical pale blue eyes in those narrow, clever faces, Sirius' tongue darting out over his bottom lip and Regulus looking lazily curious, both flushed slightly with the alcohol.

And there sat Remus Lupin, with a sudden and embarrassing erection, wanting nothing more than to slide between the Black brothers and find out if mindblowing orgasms ran in the family. He was almost positive they would.

Reality, of course, sometimes infringed on the fantasy, since he was Remus Lupin, after all. He had no idea if Regulus had ever had sex or even fancied blokes, though most Slytherins would take what they could get and if Sirius was anything to go by, most Blacks would too. He had no idea if Sirius would be interested in sharing with anyone, let alone the brother he'd been forced to share with his whole life. He certainly had no idea how either of them would react to the suggestion that they both be naked in the same bed, even if he was (preferably) between them. Or if they'd even let him be the one in the middle, massive egotists that they both were.

Still, the real life logistics had very little to do with his solitary early-morning fantasies and didn't impair his enjoyment in the slightest -- at least, not while it was going on.

He eased his shoulders up onto his pillow a little and closed his eyes, grateful for the hangings that allowed them all privacy to, as it were, be alone with their thoughts.

"Starting without me?" Sirius asked, ducking through the hangings without warning. Remus merely threw the covers back, and Sirius slid in, curling around him, erection evident through his pyjamas. Remus turned to kiss him, rolling onto his side so that their bodies pressed together, and rolled his hips. "Tsk, Moony, no patience at all..."

"I fuck you, don't I?" Remus replied, grinning, and Sirius shoved his tongue in his mouth to shut him up, while his thumbs hooked in the waistband of his pyjamas. In short order they were naked and wrestling for dominance as they always did; it seemed...closer to being okay, somehow, if there was a little boyish tussle first.

Sirius liked to bite, gently, and Remus liked to let him, once he put up pretense of a struggle to get on top. Sirius might think he was the boss, but he didn't do anything Remus didn't consciously let him do, when it came down to it. And Remus liked the solid, unyielding weight of him, and he liked what Sirius did.

He grinned and moaned as Sirius rubbed against him, pulling him closer, letting the other boy's mouth wander over his skin. He tipped his head back, listened to Sirius' soft grunts and whines of arousal, and wondered if Regulus would make those little noises too, especially if Regulus could see him wrapped around his older brother, their hips bucking together in unison --


"You're staring at him again."

Remus looked away from the object of his study at the Slytherin table, and sideways across their breakfast plates at Sirius.

"I think Moony thinks about Regulus more than I do," Sirius continued, as an aside to Peter, who grinned agreeably.

"I feel for him," Remus replied. "He's very confused, much more lost than you were at that age. You didn't have your housemates pulling you in one direction and an older brother pulling you in another, to say nothing of your family. He must feel quite lost sometimes."

"He wouldn't be if he'd just listen to me," Sirius grumbled, before leaning forward and lowering his voice to a conspiratorial murmur. "Not going to have to fight him for you, am I?"

"No, Sirius," Remus answered calmly, and it was true. However alluring the idea of two sets of lips on his body, four of those broad, clever-fingered hands holding him, Sirius meant more -- even if he didn't mean more to Sirius. Perhaps he did. One never knew. If he did, it didn't stop Sirius from taking the occasional Ravenclaw-girl-of-easy-virtue behind the greenhouses. Which was all right, in its way. Got it out of his system in a quiet, no-nonsense fashion.

"Good," Sirius said, leaning back to spread some marmalade on his bun before adding sausage and half a fried egg. Remus, who was eating and actually enjoying oatmeal, felt his arteries and tastebuds wince. "But he does like you. He said so."

"Me? He hardly knows me."

Sirius shrugged. "Said he thought you were a stand-up sort of chap. Also, and I quote, not your usual Stodgy Gryffindor Prefect."

"Damnation by faint praise," Remus said, feeling rather damned on several levels. These sorts of Thoughts got you sent to Hell in the stricter Muggle religions.

"Maybe you ought to speak to him. You know. Someone not blood related. Someone who doesn't hate his parents."

"I do hate his parents," Remus protested. "I just haven't met them. So it's theroetical hate."

"Hate by proxy," James suggested.

"Yes, thank you. Solidarity," Remus added, raising a fist that unfortunately had his spoon still in it, which made him look a bit of a fool.

"You could buy him a butterbeer in Hogsmeade next weekend," Peter suggested.

"You could buy him a firewhiskey, he'd appreciate that a lot more," Sirius put in.

"Since when did I become Sirius Black's personal recruiter?" Remus asked peevishly, to hide the taut arousal uncoiling at the idea of another Hogsmeade evening with the Black brothers. If once had been fodder for several weeks' worth of fantasies...

"I'll pay," Sirius said, wheedlingly. "You can put it on my tab at the Three Broomsticks. Look, I'll even come along in case the Slytherin Doom Brigade shows up to harass you."

"We'll all go," James said.

"So I'm just spokesman?" Remus asked.

"You know what you do, is," Sirius said. "You just sort of slide up, and you sit like this..." he scooted closer to Remus on the bench. "And you lean in close and you talk really quiet, like..."

"Stop it, you're disturbing Peter," Remus said, shoving him back and laughing.

"You try that, he'll listen to you."

"He'll think I'm a pervert, is what he'll think."

Sirius sat back with a vaguely injured look in his eye, and Remus sighed.

"I'll invite him along," he said. "That way he won't think it's just you who wants him around."

"See? Moony's a mate," Sirius announced. Remus stuffed down the feeling that he was somehow being duplicitous about inviting Regulus to come drink with them again.


Oh, this had been such a bad idea.

Remus sat next to Peter on their favourite rock, just on the Hogsmeade side of the Forbidden Forest. Between the werewolf, stag, and dog, they'd marked this area enough times that animals and even centaurs kept clear of it, but the danger wasn't from outside sources -- it was from the Black brothers, who were both a little too full of firewhiskey and shouting themselves hoarse at each other.

James, sitting on the ground below Remus and Peter, lit a cigarette and passed it up to Remus, who took a perfunctory drag before passing it to Peter.

"I blame you, Moony," James said, blowing smoke out through his nose.

"Me? How is this my fault?"

"You invited him."

"You encouraged me! Sirius asked me to!"

"Yes, but you're our conscience, you're supposed to know better," Peter said.

"How long do you reckon they'll carry on? We'll have to sneak in if we're not back at the school soon," James mused.

"You pair of bloody cowards, you're going to make me break it up, aren't you?"

"They'd only knock me over," Peter pointed out.

"I'm drunk," James added.

"You see what sobriety gets me?" Remus said to the world in general. He slid off the rock and squelched through the late-autumn mud towards the pair.

"Why can't I?" Regulus was demanding. "I don't see why!"

"Because they're Slytherins!" Sirius shouted back.

"I'M A SLYTHERIN!" Regulus bellowed.

"You're a Black first! I'm your brother, listen to me!"

"Oh yeah? Blood trumps House, does it? So I suppose when Mum tells me to be a good Slytherin and -- "

"Are you actually going to listen to that wailing inbred banshee that spawned us?"

"Don't you say that about our mum!"

"Deny it if you can! She doesn't care about you, she only cares about -- "

"She does so! Just because you ran off to be with your wonderful Potter and sulked when they didn't come groveling on their knees to have you back again, you think they don't care about anyone, but they still care about me!"

"They don't care about you, Regulus, they just tell you what to do! There's a difference!"

"Lads," Remus said, quietly. They ignored him.

"You wouldn't know because you don't care about anything! You're a fine one to talk about them telling me what to do. I don't suppose you know what it's like to have someone telling you to ignore all your friends because they're evil! What am I supposed to do, spend all my time in the library, like you do?"

"Every bloody day of my bloody Hogwarts career my parents thought my friends were evil!"

"So what's the difference?"

"The difference is I'm right and they're wrong!"

"OI!" Remus shouted. They turned to regard him for a moment, then moved to go back to yelling at one another. "Sirius, shut your bloody trap about your parents and Regulus, stop acting like a petulant child, before you each cost your house fifty points."

"You can't do that," Regulus said sullenly.

"I'm still a Prefect, and James can if I can't," Remus said promptly.

"You see, the LOT of you, hiding behind Potter -- "

Remus reached out and took Regulus by the collar, pulling him close so that they were eye to eye. He had intended to indimidate the younger boy, but this close he could smell him, the same aftershave Sirius used but with a different undertone, something dark and not quite altogether safe, picked up in the Slytherin dungeon. He felt his face flush, his breathing speed up.

"I don't hide behind anyone," he managed. He heard his own voice low and hoarse, though for reasons other than what Regulus probably thought. "If you can't keep a civil tongue in your head -- " oh god, he'd just talked about Regulus Black's tongue, " -- I am not above pounding you -- " oh god oh GOD " -- into the ground right here."

"You let off my brother," Sirius said resentfully. Remus slowly released Regulus' collar, shoving him back gently.

"No one picks on my family but me, eh?" he asked Sirius. "How very tojours pur of you."

Sirius looked for a moment like he was going to spring for Remus, which was after all the desired effect; at least if they were both angry at the same person, they had something momentarily in common.

"We have to get back to Hogwarts," James said, joining him. "Come on, we'll sneak you in, Regulus. Once we hit the dormitory stairs you're on your own, though."

"Sod off, Potter," Regulus snarled, but he fell into step behind James and Peter, next to Remus and trailed by Sirius, who was still sulking. Remus caught the younger Black sneaking sidelong glances at him, and wondered if they were fear, curiousity, or annoyance.

"He means well," he said quietly.

"Perhaps he could mean well a little less earnestly," Regulus muttered. "Just because I'm a Slytherin I'm not automatically evil, you know."

"I know that."

"Then why can't you tell him?"

"He won't listen to me any more than he does to you."

"It's not like I like shouting at him, but the only reason you have me along anyway is so that he can keep working on me."

"That's not true, Regulus. I like you."


"I do."

"You don't, you're only saying that because Sirius told you to."

"I'm not in the habit of doing anything because someone tells me to," Remus replied.

"Bet you he couldn't spend an evening with me and not talk politics," Regulus sighed.

"I wouldn't exactly call it politics -- "

"See? You're doing it too."

Remus avoided a particularly deep puddle. "All right, calm down. I'll talk to him."

"It won't do any good."

"Give him another chance, will you?"

Regulus rolled his eyes, but he nodded, just as Sirius caught up with them and his sullen silence washed over the whole group.

They left Regulus at the top of the Slytherin stairs, and continued on to the Gryffindor dormitory, James dropping onto the Common Room sofa to distract Lily from her studying while Peter went off in search of the sixth-year he was trying, in his own earnest and pathetic way, to seduce. Sirius stumbled tiredly up to the dormitory, and Remus hesitated before following, but it was either have a row with Sirius or watch James and Lily coo at each other on the sofa, and with Sirius there might be make-up sex. Remus was not so far grown beyond his peers that his hormones didn't dictate his actions once in a while.

Sirius was already undressing when he arrived, shucking off muddy shoes and tossing his jumper on the floor, followed by his shirt. Remus left his shoes at the door and hung his jacket up, sitting on his bed patiently.

"You didn't have to say that about me," Sirius said finally. "You didn't have to throw my family in my face."

"You are very like your family sometimes, Sirius, and I'm not going to hide from that fact," Remus answered.

"I'm not like them."

"Not always...."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Remus sighed. "What makes you telling Regulus what to do any different from your parents telling him what to do?"

"The fact that I'm right!"

"Leaving who's right and who's wrong out of it for the moment."

"That's no good, I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't right," Sirius said.

"I think perhaps the question isn't whether you would or wouldn't, but whether you should anyway," Remus replied.

"What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

"Listen, he wants to spend a whole evening out with us without talking about..." Remus grinned. "Well, he called it politics."

"POLITICS?" Sirius demanded. "This is his LIFE we're talking about here -- "

"Clearly he was right," Remus said, drily. Sirius shut his mouth suddenly. "He thinks the only reason you're letting him tag along is so you can tell him how evil he is."

"I never told him that!"

"You're telling him Slytherins are evil, which amounts to the same thing."

Sirius stared at him for a while, then slumped onto his bed, throwing his arms over his head. "I can't do anything right. If I shut up I'm a bad brother, if I don't shut up I'm just making him angry."

"It's not your job to tell him what to think, you know," Remus said, moving to sit on the edge of Sirius' bed. Sirius looked up at him from the pillows. "All you have to do is lead by example."

"But he isn't following!"

"That's his prerogative," Remus continued, resting one hand on Sirius' flat stomach, the skin cool under his fingers. Sirius closed his eyes and sighed.

"Let's not talk about him," he said finally, sitting up just enough to get his arm around Remus' waist and pull him down too. Remus laughed and writhed, but Sirius held him tight, chest pressed against his shoulders, and was already reaching for the button of his trousers.

"Let's not talk at all, eh?" Remus asked, but Sirius nipped the tender skin of his neck, chidingly, and he caught Sirius' scent as the other boy rubbed against him. He let Sirius strip off what remained of their clothes, let him wrap arms around his waist and hands around his cock and stroke him, whined when Sirius released him for a moment to sit up and close the hangings around the bed, mutter a few quick charms before his wand clattered to the ground nearby.

As soon as they were safe, he rolled and pinned Sirius down, face-first in the pillows, and they struggled together as Sirius tried to get up. Finally Sirius laughed and gave in, thrusting back against him, and Remus whispered obscenities he never would have said elsewhere -- never would have learned, if it weren't for Sirius -- in his ear as he prepared him with another charm. Sirius loved this, he knew Sirius loved this, liked being taken, controlled, liked his hand around his cock as he pushed inside him...

Remus leaned close and kissed his spine, inhaled deeply, smelled sweat and the outdoors and that scent that Regulus shared and he came without warning, as caught up in the rush as Sirius was, and as surprised. Sirius gave a small choking cry as his hand tightened around him, and arched helplessly as he came too.

"I like angry fucks with you," Sirius muttered, as Remus cleaned up the mess and settled in next to him, stroking his hair away from his face.

"I could promise you outrageous sexual favours," Remus answered, studying Sirius' eyes lazily.

"In return for what?"

"One evening in Hogsmeade, with your brother, without trying to get him to think or do anything," Remus answered. "Just being his brother. Slipping him booze under the table and talking about, oh, girls and things."

"You're not interested in girls," Sirius muttered.

"Regulus might be. And you are, after all, the great Sirius Black," Remus grinned. "It's not as though you don't at least pretend to show an interest now and again."

"Got to keep up appearances."

"And you enjoy it."

"Does that bother you?"

"No," Remus said, and it was true. No matter how many skirts Sirius managed or how often James snuck out to see Lily after hours, they were mates, and mates meant more than girls. And always would, so far as Remus was concerned.


"What do you mean, you can't come along?"

James shrugged. "Sorry, mate. Lily wants a nice dinner, and she's tired of being abandoned for you lot at the Three Broomsticks."

"You've only been going out for three weeks," Remus said.

"Yeah, well, I've only got the one shot with her, haven't I? Still on probation, eh? Got to make the most of it," James answered easily. "Listen, it's just the once."

"But this is important, how am I supposed to keep a muzzle on Sirius if you aren't there?"

"Might be easier," Peter suggested. "He listens to you more when we're not around."

"We?" Remus demanded, lacing up his boots. Peter pulled his jumper over his head, mussing his hair.

"Oh, yeah -- I'm taking Felina up to the Shrieking Shack," Peter said with a wink.

"She's just using you, old man," Sirius put in, arriving from the common room.

"I don't expect you'd understand a girl who likes to wait until the proper moment, instead of waiting until you can find a convenient dark corner," Peter said loftily. "Felina Stilton is a lovely unspoilt girl, and -- "

" -- and she's using you," Sirius finished, dressing hastily. "If she's unspoilt, so's four-week-old milk."

"Looks like it's just you two and Regulus," James said. "Sorry."

"Grand, we can talk about girls without burning Peter's delicate ears," Sirius announced, and Peter threw a bundled-up pair of socks at him. "Ready to go, Moony?"

"Just about," Remus said, checking to make sure he had his wand and his gloves. "All right. Peter, brush your hair before you go."

Peter put a hand to his head and scowled, rummaging in the messy rat's-nest of odds and ends on top of his dresser for a brush. Sirius laughed and disordered it even more as they passed on their way out the door.

"We might as well stay in, in that case," Remus said, as they made their way down the stairs. "What's the use of going all the way to Hogsmeade in the snow and paying for drinks? We can nip up to the classroom on the fourth floor and steal some of James' stash."

"We should ask Regulus what he wants to do, right?" Sirius said, as though he were trying to answer a difficult pop quiz question. Remus clapped him on the back.

"You're right, we should. Well done."


"No no no -- see, you have to do it like Remus there, he knows how. One swallow and you're done, and some water to wash it down with."

Remus set his glass down unsteadily and felt the drink burn its way down his throat. Sirius had insisted that if it was just the three of them, Remus had to actually drink, and since only Sirius knew how to get into James' secret cupboard in the old, deserted classroom, he had very little choice in the matter at any rate. They'd started with firewhiskey but this last shot had been from a small flask of mandrake vodka, which Sirius was currently quizzing them on the uses and functions of, while he sprawled on a sofa they'd transfigured from an empty bookshelf.

"Right, okay, mandrake vodka," Regulus said, narrowing his eyes in concentration. "Used in aphrodesiac potions, for cleaning magical piercings -- "

"Oww," Remus put in, imagining the burn of alcohol on fresh wounds.

"Ahooo!" Sirius said mockingly. Remus glared at him, then glanced at Regulus, but the younger boy was biting his lip, still working on the knotty question.

"I dunno, what else?" he asked. Sirius leaned over and poured him another shot.

"This time do it right," he said, and Regulus swallowed nervously before lifting the shot glass. He swallowed it smoothly and sipped from his water glass to wash away the taste before he could grimace.

"That's it," Remus said encouragingly.

"You're up, Lupin," Sirius added, refilling his glass.

"Right, but after this, I'm done," Remus cautioned, feeling his head swim a little. "Mandrake vodka is der....der...ived from the berries of the mandrake, not the....other bits."

"Roots," Sirius supplied helpfully.

"Yeah, those," Remus said. "which is why it's not, you know, just alone, an potion."

Sirius and Regulus broke down into rude sniggers, and Remus took the opportunity to wrest the flask from Sirius' hands, pouring the last of it into his glass.

"You," he said, and Sirius, between laughs, downed the shot easily, not bothering to drink afterwards.

"Mandrake vodka was used to gentle Hippogriffs before -- before....something," Sirius said finally.

"Right font of knowledge, you are," Remus replied. "Budge over, I want up on the sofa."

Sirius obligingly shifted his legs, and Remus made to stand, but the world spun a little and he decided against it. Regulus burst out laughing.

"If you're so steady on your feet, you give me a hand up," Remus retorted, and Regulus stood, swaying. He reached out a hand to Remus, around the table, and began to haul the other boy up, but then he lost his balance and, as Sirius grabbed for his shirt, fell over as well. Sirius, pulled down with him, joined the pile of knees and elbows on the floor, as Remus tried to crawl out from underneath.

His body reacted as always to the warmth and the weight and the scent, however, and before he knew what he was doing he'd arched against a solid, moving body, and tangled his fingers in someone's hair to kiss them.

Too late, he realised it was the wrong face, a little too narrow in the jaw, a little too snub in the nose, a little too young...

He scrambled backwards, away from the brothers; Regulus was propped on his elbows, looking startled and licking his lips. Sirius was staring at him, shock written across his face.

"Wrong brother," Remus blurted, then couldn't stifle a giggle. "Sorry, Regulus..."

"Wrong brother?" Regulus asked. "What, you meant to -- "

"Shut up, Regulus," Sirius growled. Regulus, still dazed, licked his lips again. Remus tried to prop himself upright so that he could at least pull his knees to his chest and hide what that sight was doing to him.

"You're lucky," Regulus said to his brother, who snarled.

"Shut up -- "

"No, I mean it," the younger Black said, and Remus noticed he was breathing shallowly, and his face was flushed more than was allowable by alcohol alone. Sirius was panting, a little, and Remus noticed him shift uncomfortably.

A second shocked look passed over Regulus' face, and Sirius backed away, against the sofa. Regulus turned to him, accusingly.

"You liked it, didn't you?" he asked.

"Don't be an ass," Sirius said, but Remus could see what Regulus had discovered. Sirius had enjoyed seeing him kiss Regulus.

"You don't even trust me with that," Regulus pouted.

"Will you stop bloody saying that!" Sirius exploded. "I don't see why you even think that! I trust you with all sorts of things. I'd trust you with Remus if he -- "

"What?" Remus asked sharply.

"I didn't mean that," Sirius muttered.

"Didn't you?" Regulus taunted.

"I just meant...if I thought that would make you believe me..." Sirius rubbed his jaw and let his head fall back on the cushions. "I'd trust you. With our secret. With him. It's not like he's something I own and I can give away, though. He's not a puppy."

He seemed to find this outrageously funny, and began to snicker. Regulus turned and met Remus' eyes, and the other two stared at each other while Sirius continued to laugh. After a while, Remus realised both of the brothers were watching him.

"How about it then, Moony?" Sirius asked, suddenly grave. "Sound like something you'd mind?"

"No," Remus whispered. "I don't think so at all..."

Sirius crawled forward then, cupping one large hand over Remus' cheek and kissing him, Remus propped on his elbows, Sirius holding himself up precariously with one hand. He pulled Remus upright, then backed away, glancing at Regulus -- who was watching them with hungry eyes.

Remus shivered when Sirius whispered "Let me show you how it's done" to Regulus, who nodded, eyes still on Remus' face. Sirius crawled up onto the sofa.

"Come here," he said, and Remus grinned, finally managing to push himself to his feet. Regulus touched his thigh as he passed, a quick caress, and Remus sucked in a sudden deep breath. Sirius laughed, low and deep.

"Fool for a Black, hmm?" he asked, as Remus straddled his lap, angling his head down for a kiss.

"Might be," Remus answered against his lips. He felt Regulus fumble his way up on the cushions next to them, and a warm hand on the back of his neck in addition to the two Sirius had on his waist. Sirius' face was pushed away, and Regulus kissed him; Sirius laughed, and pushed back, and Regulus sprawled backwards on the couch.

"Share nicely," Remus murmured, as Sirius bucked up against him, hips moving slowly, a little erratically, as they worked together to find a rhythm. Sirius moaned low, and Remus turned to look to one side as Regulus propped himself up again. As if scolding him, Sirius nipped his neck just above his shirtcollar.

Regulus kissed him again, while Sirius' lips were still on his neck, and Remus thought he was probably going to die right there, which was all right. And then he would go to hell, which considering how good his death was going to be, was a fair trade too.

Sirius' hands -- it had to be Sirius' -- were between them now, cupping and rubbing and fumbling with buttons and zips, and for a few chaotic moments they wrestled and rearranged themselves; Remus felt four hands push him off and upright, open his shirt and strip off his trousers. He bent, nuzzling Sirius' face, to help him off with his own, while Regulus' fingers roamed over his neck and back, rubbing small, tantalising circles on his skin.

Then Sirius was grinning, beckoning him down again, and Remus turned; Sirius kissed his neck and rested his hands on Remus' thighs as he murmured a charm, while Regulus placed a hand flat on his chest, almost possessively, and said soft reassurances as Sirius pushed inside him.

Regulus' hand slid down, slowly; Sirius began to move, just as teasingly, and Remus happily cursed the Black penchant for drawing things out as long as possible. Regulus didn't seem to be able to stop kissing him, his mouth just a trifle smaller than Sirus', lips a little thicker. Sirius was moaning, making small urgent noises, and Remus gasped against Regulus' mouth when Regulus' fingers finally found his cock and closed around it, stroking clumsily at first, then with gaining confidence. Two pairs of broad, clever hands, two mouths, two nearly identical soft moans --

Sirius bit hard when he came, and Remus arched, shuddering with his own orgasm, falling back against Sirius. When he opened his eyes, Regulus was staring at them in fascination, his hand still cupping Remus carefully.

"We left him out," Sirius mumbled, against his neck.

"That can be fixed," Remus answered, pulling away slowly. Sirius grunted, but he didn't move as Remus pushed Regulus back on the couch, propped against one arm, and curled up naked against Regulus' body. He slipped a hand down over the erection straining at his clothes, and smiled.

"Trust us?" he asked, and Regulus nodded. Remus undid his zip and pushed his trousers down a little, freeing what looked like a painfully ready erection. He slid a thumb gently over the head, and then stroked the tips of his fingers down the underside. Regulus gasped, voice just slightly higher than Remus was used to.

"Please," the other boy begged, and Remus nibbled his earlobe as he stroked, curling one leg up over Regulus', keeping him from moving too much. It didn't take long for Regulus to tense and cry out, and Remus snickered as he gasped "Sorry, sorry" when he came.

"Messy," he scolded teasingly. "Just like Sirius."

Regulus, eyes closed, a blissful smile on his lips, laughed a little. Remus felt a weight on his hip and shoulder, and Sirius was draped over him, looking down past him at his brother.

"S'like watching you and me," he said, in Remus' ear, and Remus felt the nudge of a renewed erection against the back of his thigh. Sirius moved lazily, and Remus kissed and tasted Regulus' skin, a little tang of salt on it, while Sirius slid a hand down to keep them steady. Sirius came with a soft sigh, easily and quickly, just as Regulus' breathing slowed.

Remus, curled against one Black brother with the other lying sated on top of him, buried his face in Regulus' neck and fell soundly asleep.


"Never again," were the first words out of Sirius' mouth the next morning.

They'd managed to wake and stumble back to their dorms, sometime in the night, still half-drunk and with their clothing rumpled and badly done-up; they'd fallen into the wrong beds, and after they came back, Sirius must have realised the mistake and crawled into his own, curling around Remus. Remus had woken to find Sirius sitting against the headboard, fingers nervously knotted together.

"Hmm?" he asked, before the memories of the night before came back to him. Along with a mild hangover. "Ow."

"What happened last night," Sirius said.


"We're not going to talk about it ever again."

Remus buried his face in the pillow. "Mkay."

"Seriously, Moony."

"I said okay."

"You do realise what we did?"

Remus rolled back over to look up at him. "You fucked me through the couch, and I fucked your brother through the couch. More or less."

"I'm not denying it wasn't good -- "

"You're not?" Remus asked. "That's good, because it was bloody great."

"For you, maybe."

"Don't lie to yourself, Sirius," Remus said, shifting over a little more to rest his head in the crook of Sirius' bent leg, where it met his hip. "You liked watching me touch him. You like hearing me talk about it now," he added, nuzzling the bulge in Sirius' pyjamas.

"It can't happen again."

"Mmm," Remus said, as Sirius' leg unbent, and he slouched back a little. He slid the pyjamas down, caressing him as he went. "Once was enough."

"Enough?" Sirius asked, curiously, just before his breath hitched. Remus grinned and kissed his stomach, then the head of his cock, tongue licking out to wet it.

"Enough to remember on," he said, sucking the head into his mouth. Sirius moaned, and he leaned back. "What if Regulus wants to do it again?"

Sirius twined his fingers in Remus' hair, and he took the hint; the other boy moaned and bucked up into his mouth, and Remus put his tongue to better use than talking.

"If....umm....Regulus wants to," he moaned, "I could -- fuck -- watch -- yeah -- "

Remus grinned and swallowed the hot rush in his mouth, sitting back.

"Fool for a Black," he murmured, as Sirius curled up around him.

Clearly if one brother could be convinced by a blowjob, two ought to be no trouble at all....

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Oh, my.
Oh, my.
Oh, my.
I think you've made a convert to the Fools for Blacks.

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*goes to change underwear*


Very nice.

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Found this linked on Busaikko's page. Hot, let me tell you.

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*is incoherent*

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ahm... well... you write incredible smut, but this gets a very high score in the "Eew" column. The only reason I actually read it (incest is SO many kinds of not my thing) is 'cause I finished everything else you've written. My input is kind of a generalized shiver- both the good and bad kind.